Effective Ways To Keep Your Mattress Protected To Last Longer

Investing a good amount in a high-quality mattress like the Springtek mattress might be the first step towards comfortable and peaceful sleep for multiple years. But the life of the mattress depends totally upon how it is maintained. Thus, knowing about the environmental factors and the best ways to take care of the mattress can lengthen the bed’s lifespan. Therefore, check out these tips to know how to keep your mattress clean and healthy to own it for a long time. 

  • Mattress should be properly supported:

It is not always necessary to purchase a matching foundation or box with a new mattress. However, the mattress needs to have the right kind of support. In case you are getting the new bed constructed, make sure it has the right frame that supports the weight of the mattress with proper fitting. This not just helps in preserving the mattress properly, but it also prevents early wear and tears. Thus, it helps in maintaining the mattress for a longer span. 

  • Mattress protector is a must:

To protect the huge investment in bed mattresses like Restolex mattress and their longevity since day one, the use of good and quality mattress protectors is a must. This helps in guarding against any spills and helps to reduce the amount of dust and debris to make it to the bed. It also helps in protecting the materials inside the bed from any damage, helps to keep the skin oil and sweat away from the bed, and also acts as a great coverage to keep the bed sheet fitting.  

  • Wash bed sheets regularly:

When you sleep on the bed, the body sheds sweat and oil along with hair and skin cells. Eating on the bed also leaves behind food residue and crumbs. Also, if there is a pet in your house, it can track all sorts of things on the bed. Thus, to maintain the right hygiene, it is important to get the bedsheet cleaned regularly to avoid the breeding of bacteria and dust mites. 

  • Don’t let your pets snuggle on the same bed:

Speaking about the bed sheet and mattress, it is always advised to keep the pets in designated beds rather than letting them cuddle on your mattress. Even well-groomed pets shed hair and thus, keeping the pets away from the bed is the best way to keep the bed from ruining otherwise. 

  • Rotate the mattress regularly:

No matter the type, material, or size of the mattress, rotating them regularly helps to prevent depressions and softening. Thus, you should rotate the mattress every two to six months from head to toe. 

  • Avoid jumping on the bed:

When your mother guided you to not jump on the bed, she was always right. Whether it is spring, water, or air beds, or its foundation, frames, or even foams, it is highly prone to damage due to jumping. 

  • Let it light occasionally:

Every few months when you have a sunny day, strip your mattress to let the sunlight in to air out for several hours. If you worry about bed bugs, leave the cover on and keep it under the sunlight. This will help prevent moisture and will keep the dust away from the mattress helping to improve the mattress life.  Although different mattress brands follow different care and maintenance, these are basic ways to help the bed be clean, and protect it from any accidents while helping to increase its life. 

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