Confused About Montessori Curriculum? Read This!

With the everyday advancing world, and new challenges emerging, it is evident how important the initial years of education can be. The initial years of preschool, when the kid is all motivated, full of energy, and in a state of adapting to new things faster, is certainly said to be the most important period of the education journey. And that’s when what a student learns in a way he/she learned makes a difference with Montessori Curriculum.

Though traditional education methods provide students with everything they need to excel in Ahmedabad international school, the Montessori curriculum can further help them build their personality and character. But, often, it is observed that parents feel perplexed about the Montessori curriculum. Therefore, we are here to clear the doubts! Here is everything you need to know about the Montessori curriculum.

What is the Montessori curriculum?

The Montessori curriculum is an alternative to the traditional classroom method. This doesn’t follow the “all students read one thing” principle and lets students freely explore the boundaries of their creativity, and interest. Further, this curriculum feeds  students’ imagination skills and also allows them to go beyond their skills and thinking abilities.

This curriculum has recently gained popularity due to satisfying results. But, it has been taught for years. Even famous tech giants like Jeff Bezos are also from Montessori education. Let’s dig deep into its principles, and benefits for students!

Principles of Montessori Curriculum

In the past 5 years, Montessori has gained elevated levels of praise. And, all this can be attributed to its robust set of principles. Some of these are-

  • Children have to be appreciated for their individuality, character, and set of skills.
  • Every child is special and so are his/her set of skills, expertise, interests, and inclinations. And, if provided with the right, and optimum resources, every child can learn a plethora of skills.
  • Montessori curriculum believes that the first six years of children are most formative, and ideal for new adaptations, and learnings.
  • This curriculum thinks of faculty, and staff only as facilitators and observers of children finding a way for their creativity, and analytical skills. It doesn’t appreciate teachers as dictators, or people who scold or criticize students.
  •  Learning or cramming textual material is in no way supported, and appreciated, rather these are seen as a way to reduce or inhibit students’ analytical skills.

All these were Montessori curriculum’s principles. But, why should one consider this curriculum for their children? Here are some of the reasons that illuminate why the Montessori curriculum is best for your kid!

Benefits of Montessori Education

Ensures personality development

Sometimes, in the race of scoring good grades, and performing better academically, students tend to lack personality traits. These can be oratory skills, confidence, discipline, and others. But, if your kid has been a part of Montessori education from Ahmedabad international school, he/she shows great progress in these skills as well. Not only this, but students of Montessori also mature as more respectful, and mannered individuals.

Robust Critical, and Analytical Skills

One of the best things, or rather a specialty of the Montessori curriculum is its ability to enhance students’ creative, and analytical skills. As this curriculum lets students explore things on their own rather than making them learn or crame hefty textbooks, students feel more confident and progressive in their creative skills. They explore new things and find answers on their own, which makes them ready for the competitive world out there.

Enhanced social skills

In the Montessori curriculum, students interact with one another on their own. This propounds them with required social skills and communication abilities that can help them conquer challenges later in life. Afterall, good communication skills go unrivaled, even in the professional world.

Collaborative stature

As you know Montessori curriculum lets students collaborate and work with fellow students, this ignites collaborative skills in them at such an early age that teamwork becomes a part of their personalities. This also helps them establish rapid communication, and gain confidence in a public gathering, or challenges.

Hands-on learning

One of the major throwbacks of traditional education is the lack of an optimum level of practical or hands-on knowledge. That’s where Montessori bridges the gap. This curriculum provides students with enough hands-on practice by solving puzzles, or accomplishing tasks. This empowers students with practical knowledge.

All these factors make the Montessori curriculum one of the best. But, have you decided which Ahmedabad international school will you consider for Montessori education? We suggest you go for GIIS.

GIIS or Global Indian international school is one of the most recommended schools. It has campuses in different countries and delivers a Montessori curriculum while satisfying all international education standards. It has the experienced, and one of the industry’s best faculties to guide, mentor, and assist students. Get your kid enrolled in GIIS today.

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