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Have you been having trouble with your shared servers and want to upgrade your Hosting?

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Serverwala Dedicated Server

In this post, we will talk about Serverwala Dedicated Server Turkey hosting and its advantages for the best hosting experience.

Maybe, at first, you have hosted your site on a shared server, but now your site is getting problems like lagging, and server downtime. Therefore, it is time to upgrade your server to dedicated servers that will provide powerful performance to the site. Dedicated Servers provided by Serverwala will offer your website beneficial features. Features like supreme security, zero downtime, improved page load speed, and many more enhance the website performance.

In this post, we will talk about Serverwala Dedicated Server Turkey hosting and its advantages for the best hosting experience.

Reason to Choose Serverwala Dedicated Servers For Your Web Portal

Serverwala’s Dedicated Hosting in Turkey is the best solution for smooth website performance and for having more resources. But how can you choose Serverwala as the Best Dedicated Server provider in Turkey? 

The top 4 reasons to choose Serverwala Dedicated Hosting are written below, you can further read the post.

Handle Website Growing Traffic

Growing traffic is one of the main reasons why you should opt for Serverwala as Turkey’s Dedicated Server provider. Since your shared server lagged while uploading the data when you get more traffic at a time. In this situation, Serverwala Dedicated Server Turkey with their best hosting solution provides immense power to handle the traffic. Dedicated Servers provide enough space to load the site page in under 3 seconds. It gives a positive user experience.

Advanced Configuration

Serverwala provides Admin access to all its Dedicated Server Turkey users. Admin access helps to customize the server’s settings as you want and you can also configure the server. Turkey Dedicated Server also provides the authority to customize the site’s infrastructure that no other hosting provides. You are allowed to install applications that you want for your server.

Isolated Environment

Dedicated Server Turkey from Serverwala has a completely isolated environment for your server. Serverwala’s Dedicated Hosting is a physical server that is committed to a single website. This isolated environment helps you from cyber threats and malware attacks.

Host Multiple Websites

Dedicated Servers provide the freedom to host multiple websites on one server and all these websites are yours. And if you want to host another trusted website you can also host that. Because of multiple websites, you do not need to worry about server lagging or anything else. Turkey Dedicated Server is there to give immense power to handle the pressure.

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More Things to Know About a Turkey Dedicated Server From Serverwala

Here are some of the more beneficial features that can solve your problems related to the server. A dedicated server from Serverwala provides the best features that are well-functioned with your website.

Supreme Security

Security is also a factor that is why you should choose a Dedicated Hosting in Turkey. Dedicated Servers make your security software one step more layer up than shared servers. The dedicated security will protect your site with advanced security software from maleficient activities. You can also add some other security applications to the server if you want.

SSD Storage

Unlimited storage is what a growing business website wants. But you get limited storage in shared servers. Therefore Serverwala Dedicated Server Turkey offers SSD storage to store maximum data on the site. It also helps the server to work smoothly.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth helps in transferring the site data and making a good user server connection for better communication. But with a shared server, it is difficult to achieve. A Dedicated Hosting in Turkey gets the unlimited bandwidth option to transfer the required data that a site visitor wants.

SSH Root Control

Full Root Control is only provided by Best Dedicated Server Turkey. Serverwala offers all its users to get authority access to change the system settings or server configurations. It will make the server organized according to your understanding.

Unique IP Address

Serverwala provides all its users to have a unique IP Address for their Turkey Dedicated Server. A unique IP makes your brand domain unique from other shared websites. A committed IP means additional security when transferring mails.

Compatible Plans Of Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Hosting Turkey

Serverwala has the best plan strategy according to the packages that they have made for your Dedicated Server in Turkey. Their one-month package for Dedicated server hosting starts from $220 and goes to $450. They also some discounts up to 40% on their one-year hosting plan. That has additional features resources than a one-month subscription plan.

Cheap Dedicated Server Turkey


So, now it’s time to upgrade your server to a dedicated server to meet your growing website needs. Hence, through this post, you get to know about Serverwala Dedicated Server Turkey hosting. About the features and their benefits to help to manage your website. Serverwala Dedicated hosting is the best reliable hosting solution that you get for your website.

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