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Privacy Concerns 

Privacy Policy Global Blogging

We at Global Blogging recognize your privacy concerns, which is why it is our top-most priority to maintain the privacy and safety standards of our viewers. However, we have designed this privacy policy to enlighten our readers on how our platform can collect, use, or share the received data.  

If you are considering getting engaged in any interaction with Global Blogging, such as by subscribing to our email services, accessing our website’s data, downloading the mobile application, or using any other facility that we provide, this privacy policy page is meant for you.  

At the same time, the privacy policy does not hold for any information gathered offline by other platforms, rather than Global Blogging.  

Data We Collect 

Once you consent to provide us with your personal information, we will clarify the primary intentions and reasons behind it to you. However, if you wish to contact us directly through email, we may ask you to provide additional personal information for verification purposes. 

This may include your name, phone number, message concurrence, housing address, email address, company details, etc. At the same time, contacting our website’s admins would also require the exact information voluntarily, as mentioned above.  

Despite collecting the provided information from users, our system also gathers relevant data from third-party sources and websites, including IP addresses, virtual IDs, signatures, geolocation, and financial data.  

How Do We Use the Collected Information? 

You should note that the data our platform collects is meant for our readers’ benefit. Some possible uses of gathered information have been mentioned below. 

  • To make our services more accessible and get in touch with the preferences of our users. 
  • To let our website owners identify the weak points that need improvements.  
  • To ensure a user-friendly and conveniently approachable user interference. 
  • To display relevant advertisements on our website that may intrigue our users. 
  • To get in touch with our loyal readers through emails and provide them with their preferred content.  
  • To monitor and fix fraudulent acts that may impact the website’s reputation. 
  • To provide a reliable and sound consumer experience for our readers. 

Association With Third Parties 

Global Blogging is connected with numerous third parties for advertising and promotional purposes. Nevertheless, the privacy policy of our website does not agree with advertisers or third parties. 

For more information in this context, it would be best to consult the privacy policies of relevant third parties or advertisers. Any data collected by external virtual platforms is commanded by their respected privacy policy, and Global Blogging does not hold responsible for any misuse. 

As a reader, you have the luxury to turn off cookies for our website from your browser’s settings, although it may lead to a compromised user experience.  


Global Blogging also uses cookies for its swift functioning like any other virtual blogging platform. Cookies mainly function by transferring the collected data whenever an individual uses our website.  

At the same time, they may also be used to record the visitor’s recent activities on the platform to recommend relevant blogs accordingly in case of future visits. To summarize, the cookies serve as an initiative to customize the website according to the reader’s preferences and likings.  


By using our services at, you automatically consent to our privacy policy and agree to the terms mentioned above.  

If you have additional relevant questions or wish to resolve any issue regarding our website’s privacy policy, you can reach us at We would be more than happy to help! 

Last Updated: 14th January 2022

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