5 Must-Known Facts About Pre-Abortion Screening

The earliest manifestations of pregnancy are sometimes quite similar to those of PMS. This can really become difficult, especially when it’s hard to know whether you’re pregnant or not.

If you suspect you are pregnant, take the time to recognize the decisions you have hereafter. The pre-abortion screening process may be new to some. In the following, we are going to present five factual insights regarding this procedure.

Fact #1 — Now You Should Be Sure You’re Pregnant by Going for a Test

Home pregnancy kits might claim to be as accurate as possible, but across all women they sometimes fail. Depending on whether the test was done at certain hours of the day or due to the specific things you have eaten and drunk before (and more), your results may be wrong. There is a high chance of getting a false positive or a false negative result.

These tests can also be pretty costly. A specialist is always a safer option than buying two or three home pregnancy tests. You must have a medical-approved pregnancy test done before you proceed to look at your options.

Fact #2 — Testing for STIs and STDs is of Prime Importance

Contemplating abortion without prior testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs) will result in some health situations.

Abortion surgery can lead to more bacteria ascending through the cervix to the uterus when you have STD or STI. As a result, you may develop PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). Untreated PID may also lead to other diseases, including infertility. Both these conditions are very serious and cannot be undone.

Also, std testing as part of the pre-abortion screening makes it possible for you to know if you will have to deal with treatment and its consequences before you can even think of an abortion.

Fact #3 — Ultrasound Also Helps Checking Viability

While a medical-grade pregnancy test will confirm if you are pregnant or not, an ultrasound will give you a better visual image of your pregnancy progression. Without that information, it is not easy to be thorough about your alternatives.

As most miscarriages occur during the first trimester (from the 12th week of pregnancy), having an ultrasound done during the beginning weeks of your pregnancy can tell you if your pregnancy is viable. After an ultrasound, you may learn that you are pregnant right now, but most likely, the pregnancy will not last for long.

Whether your pregnancy is viable or not, you will be provided with the information you need to make a decision.

Fact #4 — Evaluation of Medical History and Risk Factors

Screening before an abortion involves an exhaustive analysis of one’s medical background and the risks associated with it. Medical professionals enquire about pre-existing medical conditions, all kinds of drugs that you take, allergies, and the operations you have undergone before.

Therefore, they will be able to label any components that would affect the process of abortion. This extensive evaluation does not just provide personalized care but also mitigates the risk of complications.

Fact #5 — Counseling for Making a Well-Informed Consent

The pre-abortion counseling is a fundamental part of the screening stage and fosters the general knowledge of the preceding abortion procedure, possible risks, and available alternatives.

Consent is a matter of informed decision-making among people who are aware of their rights, the consequences of such decisions, and the support they can get. Confidential sessions give individuals an opportunity to express their emotions, limitations, and concerns without judgment.

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