9xflix: Free Download HD Movies With Dual Audio

Movie lovers are always in search of entertainment. But when the pandemic hit the world last year, all businesses including movie theatres and cinemas were closed and locked down. This situation with the restriction on the opening of cinemas gave rise to the online world of movies and Tv shows.

Thousands of websites were launched that offered movie lovers to enjoy watching movies from the comfort of their homes. That too with the possibility of downloading every content for free. A website that rose to fame during this time is 9xflix.

Let’s discuss some amazing features of 9xflix in this article and see whether the website is safe to use or not.

9xflix for Downloading HD Movies 

9xflix for Downloading HD Movies 

Source: 9xflix.one

9xflix is a popular website that receives huge traffic from India and neighbouring countries on a daily basis. 9xflix is popular because of the reason that it allows users to download movies from this website totally free of cost. This means that you can download any movie you like from this website without paying a single penny.

9xflix com offers multiple quality settings of videos in which you can download movies, ranging from 300 MB movies (low quality) to 3 GB movies (ultra-HD). You can download movie files according to your preference and depending on your internet speed.

Another factor that matters in the file size is the storage space on your device. If your device is short on storage, it is recommended to download small size files on your device.

Movies are updated on 9xflix com regularly. You can watch any of your favourite old movies from this website as well as watch the latest movies that have just been released. 9xflix have a large archive of movies for all the categories available on the website. Some of the most popular categories are Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

9xflix Movies with Dual Audio 

As 9xflix is an Indian website, most of the natives of this region are involved with this website prefer watching movies in their native language. This is where 9xflix gives them the freedom to choose any movie from any language origin and they can watch and enjoy the movie in their own native language.

 Almost every movie downloaded from 9xflix .com is downloaded with the dual audio option, where you can choose in which language you want to watch the movie. The movies are available in multiple dubbed languages. The dubbed languages include English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Punjabi.

Is 9xflix .com Legal?

Is 9xflix .com Legal?

Source: Filmdhamaka.in

9xflix .com is an Indian torrent website that deals with pirated content. The website is involved with the illegal sharing of copyrighted content and movies which is prohibited by the law. Thus, this act of sharing illegal content makes this website illegal.

It is recommended that you stay away from such websites which are involved in the illegal sharing of movies and Tv shows. If you still want to use this website, be aware that downloading any content from such a website is also an illegal offence and is punishable by the law.

Downloading illegally shared copyrighted content is an illegal act and you are involuntarily promoting piracy and fraud by downloading content from this website.

Video Quality on 9xflix 

9xflix is a website with a huge archive of downloadable content ranging in every quality standard of videos and movies. The movies are available in multiple quality settings which users can choose to download. Some of the available video qualities are:

  • 300 MB movies     –   Low quality
  • 750 MB movies     –   HD quality
  • 2 GB movies           –   Ultra HD quality

Multiple domains of 9xflix 

As we have already mentioned that the website 9xflix is an illegal website. These websites are under constant surveillance from the authorities and often gets banned and restricted. Whenever a website gets banned the server releases another domain of the same website to replace the previous website.

This replacing of domains results in multiple domains working together at the same time. Some of the available domains of the website are:

  • 9xflix ws.
  • 9xflix me.
  • 9xflix xyz.
  • 9xflix in.
  • 9xflix. me.
  • 9xflix. com.
  • 9xflix com.
  • 9xflix mi.
  • 9xflix ms.

Movie Categories on 9xflix 

Movie Categories on 9xflix 

Source: Telegraphstar.com

9xflix has a huge range of movies in their archive ranging in all the categories. Some of the popular and frequently visited categories are:

  • Hollywood Hindi Dual Audio
  • Hollywood movie series
  • Netflix Web Series
  • South Hindi Movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Tv shows
  • Short Films


9xflix is a very popular website that hosts huge traffic from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many others. The website is free to use for all and you can easily download movies, Tv shows and web series from this website.

There are many categories on this website from where you can choose any content to download. But the most popular categories on this website are Netflix Web Series, Hollywood dubbed movies, Telugu Movies.

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