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The ‘Write For Us Program’ that Global Blogging has to offer sincerely welcomes upcoming aspiring writers. If you think of yourself as an interested and deserving candidate with exceptional writing skills, we would highly recommend you to contact us for writing guest posts.  

It does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert writer; we at Global Blogging welcome every individual with an open heart as long as they are dedicated to the blogging field and possess a unique set of writing abilities.  

Introduction to the Write For Us Program 

To be precise, the Write For Us Program is accessible to anyone who wishes to be a dedicated writer. One can get started by incorporating the below-mentioned set of guidelines to make the selection more specific. We always appreciate new and unique ideas when it comes to dealing with guest posts.  

We always tell our writers that creativity and dedication is the key to becoming a prosperous blogger. It would be sound to make your proposal as creatively innovative as possible so that our team recognizes your noteworthy abilities. Intending to make things straightforward for you, we have designed some writing guidelines for new coming writers who wish to write guest posts for us. So, it would be best to consider them while submitting a writing proposal.  

Write for Us Guest Post Guidelines 

Write For us Guest Post

Our guest posting guidelines are designed in such a way to ensure engagement along with effective search engine optimization. Please go through the instructions mentioned below. They would help you compose an ideal article for our virtual platform.  

  • Try keeping your article as straightforward as possible to make it easier for the audience to grasp.  
  • A wise approach would be to split more extensive sentences into shorter ones for better engagement.  
  • The minimum word length for an informative article should be between 700 and 800. 
  • The guest post you submit should be uniquely written, grammatical errors-free, and plagiarism-free.  
  • The frequency of headings, sub-headings, and keywords should be moderate. Avoid making excessive headings or stuffing keywords unnecessarily.  
  • The content should be well-researched with carefully placed keywords.  
  • You should keep the use of passive voice as minimal as possible.  
  • The topic’s relativity determines the creativity of an article. So, keeping that in mind, the topic you select for your guest post should be informatively informational.

Crucial Details Regarding Guest Posting 

The most rewarding aspect of writing a guest post is its creativity and uniqueness. With that said, we expect a well-researched and extraordinarily written blog post with an informational intent from upcoming writers. Any blog containing false or irrelevant information will be immediately rejected.  

Moreover, start with providing a brief introduction to yourself, especially your educational background, while contacting the editor of our website. It would be best to keep the conversation as quick and simple as possible to avoid adding irrelevant stories.  

At the same time, plagiarized content is also unaccepted and would be rejected if detected. The guest writers are encouraged to submit only 100% original content of their own.  

Our admins usually respond within three working days after receiving an article submission. However, if you do not receive an answer within the said period, it is most probably because your article has been rejected due to any reason.  

But that does not necessarily mean that we have closed the doors of opportunities for you. If you sense you have what it takes to become a successful writer, a wise approach would be to analyze your mistakes and resend the article with an updated, improved version. 

Submitting Writing Proposals 

If you are willing to join our writing team after reading and comprehending the above-mentioned guidelines, feel free to reach us at seorankbest1@gmail.com.  

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