Can Laser Eye Surgery Correct Reading Vision Problems?

Suppose you are finding it difficult to focus on the tiny prints on your page, or you just get headaches after reading for a while. In that case, it could be a sign that your eyes are affect by ageing. This is why you have reading problems and may need laser eye surgery for reading.
As we become older, our eyes begin to lose their muscular power, making it difficult to focus on objects at short distances. This age-related eye condition is call presbyopia.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia was coin out of the Greek term “old eye”. It is a refractive condition that makes it difficult to focus on things close up when you age. It is a normal part of ageing.
This vision problem usually occurs because ageing makes the lens stiff and less flexible, making it difficult to read without glasses.
Even people who have good vision can experience presbyopia. However, it is more common in people already affected by eye conditions like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. Luckily, Optimal Vision offers visual correction treatment to help you treat this common eye issue.

What exactly causes presbyopia?

Behind the coloured iris of your eye lies a clear lens that moves and changes shape to help you focus on objects. This lens is flexible and soft enough to focus on near and far distance objects when you are young. However, when you turn 40 and above, your lens becomes stiffer and less flexible. This makes it challenging for it to adjust its shape to focus on near distant objects. This is why it is more challenging to thread a needle, read tiny prints, or do other close-up tasks.

Symptoms of presbyopia

A lot of common occurrences usually signify presbyopia. If you relate to them, you may want to book an appointment with Optimal Vision to consider your options and learn how we can help.
  • Difficulty focusing on a close-range object
  • Eye pain or headaches when reading or focusing on close distance objects
  • Tiredness after concentrating for a long time
  • Holding reading materials, books, or mobile phones at arm’s length to obtain proper focus on them
  • Requiring increased or brighter lighting
Presbyopia usually kick starts at the age of 40 and becomes more apparent after that. When people turn 60, your eye may have lost elasticity that helps it focus on close-range objects.

Is it possible to improve reading vision?

Reading glasses is the most prevalent option for people that have reading vision problems. These glasses are usually designed to enable the lens to focus on short distance objects.
Besides eyeglasses, contact lenses and surgeries are also employed to help manage this eye condition. However, you should know that since presbyopia results from the eye’s natural ageing, it is difficult to stop or reverse the situation. People who find it difficult to see far and near distant objects will give progressive glasses.
When presbyopia is not treat, it will cause headaches and more eye strain.
Though reading glasses are only employed to enable focus for short distances, they can become uncomfortable. To find them a lot easier, some people even need to hang a chain around their necks. Others have to go around with cases. However, knowing that you have to constantly wear them or carry them around with you in case you need to read a menu, recipe, or anything can be uncomfortable. This is where laser eye surgery makes the difference.

Can laser eye surgery help improve my reading?

Many alternatives provide permanent solutions for vision and reading problems. We can attribute this to the current development in surgical procedures and technology.
Laser eye surgery has a very high success rate, and it is very potent for correcting vision and reading problems. Surgeons can make adjustments on your cornea with a precision laser to correct the visual impairment that hindered you from reading or seeing correctly. Laser eye surgery is available in different treatment options, including LASEK, LASIK, ReLEx SMILE.
These laser eye treatment options are suitable for different conditions. To know the most suitable one for you, your surgeon will evaluate you to see if you are eligible for laser eye surgery.
If you are, then they will recommend the most suitable treatment option for you.
Another innovative treatment for reading vision correction is lens replacement surgery. This treatment option using to correct a vast array of vision problems and prevent and treat cataracts’ development.

Book for your presbyopia treatment

Do you have a reading vision problem, or are you tired of depending on your reading glasses? If yes, you need to book a appointment for laser eye surgery with us immediately to evaluate the most suitable treatment options.
We have highly trained surgeons by the NHS who are also fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or other equivalent organisations. They are among the few best in the world. They will walk you through every step of your treatment and ensure that you recover your sight perfectly after the procedure. Book a free consultation here for laser eye surgery in London.

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