Block Comments on Instagram, but how?

How to Block Comments on Instagram by 2022 (Complete Guide)


Why should you turn off comments on Instagram?


Many people choose to remain anonymous to make threatening or snarky remarks on the internet. They usually troll people or companies for their pleasure using cyberbullying techniques.( instagram )

So, the ability to turn off the comments you receive on Instagram will help you deal with anonymous posts that do not contribute to your accountability to the public. Another reason you block your commenting on Instagram is to safeguard your brand’s reputation. If an Instagram user makes a negative comment on your page, it may negatively impact your other users.

When you see a negative post on your company’s Instagram page, people who thought of buying your services might be less confident about the image of your business.

Additionally, having comments turned off on Instagram will help you end the spam comments. Specific companies or businesses active on social media prefer to use your comments to promote themselves. They might leave a non-relevant hyperlink to their site, website or even post on Instagram your Instagram comments.

These spammy or troll comments can be frustrating, and shutting off comments is the best option to deter this kind of behavior.

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How to disable comments on Live Instagram Posts


If you’d like to switch off comments on posts that have been published or live Instagram posts, Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Start the Instagram application and navigate toward your account page. You can access your profile by clicking on the icon for your profile picture.

Step 2. Select the blog you want to block comments on. After that, click on three dots at the top of the right-hand corner. This will bring up a menu.


How to disable comments on a live Instagram post


After you’ve disabled the comment area on Instagram, the comment button on that blog post is gone. All new and old comments will disappear, and your comments will be free of clutter. After you have turned off the comments, your readers will never be able to read old comments or leave new comments.


How do you restrict comments on Instagram Posts?


Due to the increase in online trolling and bullying, Instagram has developed the Restrict Comments feature to fight these trolls and prevent unintentional interactions. If you restrict someone’s access to Instagram, the comments they leave on your posts will not be visible to anyone else or you.

If you’d like to, you can read the restricted comments. All you have to do is press the See Comment button. This will make your restricted comment public. You can decide to either ignore the comment or obliterate it.

Keep in mind that when you block an account to Instagram for a certain amount, they will not be allowed to DM you. The messages they send will be transferred to the message request section.


These are steps you should take to limit comments on Instagram posts: Instagram posts:


Step 1. Open the blog post, which has the comment section you would like to block. Click “View all comments,” or click the “View the comments in their entirety” button.

Step 2. Make sure you click and hold the user’s comments you want to limit. For iPhone users, then swipe left on the specific comment.


How do you restrict comments on Instagram Posts?


Step 3. You’ll see three symbols (a pin, an exclamation sign, and an empty bin). Choose the exclamation icon, and it will display the menu offering three choices:


  • Make this comment public.
  • Restrict (username)
  • Block (username)


Step 4. Click on the Restrict button. It will present you with various actions blocked by the particular user.


Restricted Instagram Comments


Step 5. Next, click on the “Restrict Account” “Restrict account” option to turn the comment only visible to you and the person who posted it.

If you decide to change your mind and remove the restriction on a particular user’s account, visit their profile, click on the three-dot icon, then click on”Unrestrict. “Unrestrict” alternative.


How to limit comments on Instagram


If you are concerned that sure of your followers are causing you trouble by posting spam comments, you may decide to block the comments they leave on your posts for a short period. ( comprar 100k seguidores instagram )Utilizing the limit comment function, it is possible to restrict users for up to 4 weeks. However, you can extend the period for as long as you like.


Before you turn on the limit comment feature, be sure to keep in mind:


Instagram accounts that you decide to restrict can still be commented on in your posts. However, their comets will remain kept secret until you accept the accounts. Any DMs that these accounts cannot send to you will remain not visible. You can choose whether to take a break or read these remarks. Any comments made during which the limit feature is activated will remain hidden after the expiration period.


These are steps to take to limit the number of comments you leave on Instagram:


Step 1. Start Your Instagram account and log into your profile. Tap the three-line icon at the top of the right-hand side of your screen.


Step 2. Settings:Privacy: Comments.



3. Choose “Allow Comments from.” An option will pop up From there, and you’ll see four options:


  • Limit comments on Instagram
  • Everyone
  • People you follow
  • Your followers


Step 4. Choose the option that is most suitable depending on your personal preferences.


How to hide offensive comments on Instagram?


It can be pretty unpleasant if you don’t know how to eliminate negative comments. The process of manually deleting every troll’s comment is time-consuming and exhausting. So, knowing how to block comments on Instagram will help you avoid these comments. These are steps you should follow:


Step 1. Start Instagram and then go to the profile section. Click three vertical lines found in the upper right corner of your screen.


Step 2. Then navigate step 2. Now go to Settings > > Privacy> Hidden word.


How to hide offensive comments on Instagram


Step 3. After that, you can toggle to the “Hide comment comments” button to hide any spam or negative comments posted on your Instagram posts.


Distinguish offensive comments


Step 4. You can also hide more comments by turning on the Hide More Comments button.


Disable Comments On Instagram Based on Keywords


If you’re planning to hide comments based on specific keywords, ensure that you click your “Manual filter” button. It will open a small box before you, where you’ll be able to enter the keywords you want to be able to hide. If someone posts comments that are offensive or trolling with similar terms, Instagram will automatically filter out the comments and block these comments from your posts.

You can also block your comments on Instagram from an individual user by blocking comments. It is different than blocking an account since the person who has been blocked can see your posts.

However, the comments they leave on your posts will be available to them. All you have to do is click on”Block Comments From” or click on the “Block remarks from” button and enter their username.


How to Disable Comments on Instagram Live?


Instagram allows you to have complete control over the content of your Instagram Live. When you stream live, you decide who can be present during your live broadcast and who can comment on your Life, and whether your viewers can access your live stream.

You can disable Instagram live comments by removing them Instagram live at any time you’d like by following these easy steps:


Step 1. Start by opening your Instagram application and begin a live video stream by accessing the stories section and tapping the Live option.


Step 2. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the “Add Comment” box when starting the live stream. Comment” Box.


Step 3. This will display the menu by tapping on “turn off comments.”


Step 4. Then you’ll see “comments off” is written within the comments box. This prevents any viewers from commenting on the Live.


If it’s changed and you wish to find out what your friends are discussing, click the three dots you previously selected and click the “Turn off comments” option. This will enable the comment feature for everyone to leave their feedback.


How to disable comments on an Instagram Story?


Instagram lets your followers respond and interact with their Instagram stories. Suppose you’re an influential person or have a large number of followers. In that case, it is recommended to turn off commenting on Instagram stories that can help keep your account from being flooded with messages that fill your inbox.


You can turn off the comments you receive on Instagram stories with these easy steps:


Step 1. Start by opening the profile on your Instagram profile and click on either the horizontal three lines or hamburger icons in the upper right corner of your phone.


Step 2. The menu will appear where you can select privacy > settings.


How to disable comments on an Instagram Story


Step 3. Find the blue tick under the Everyone option under the “Allow messages to be replied to” area. The blue tick signifies that anyone can respond to your posts.

Step 4: Choose the circle that is in front of the “Off” option, and the blue tick change between “Everyone” and then “Off.” This means you have turned off the comment option for your Instagram stories.


Replay the story in a different way


This is a heads-up. In the same tab, in the “Allow messages to be replied to” section, when you select”people you follow,” you’ll be able to limit replies to the “People who you are following” choice. It will be able to limit the number of messages you reply to those you follow.

If you remove comments on your stories, your readers won’t be able to see that “Send Message” box below your posts. But, keep in mind that the removal of the comment box in your stories will not stop your users from sending you regular DMs.


How to turn off comments on Instagram Reels?


Reels is undoubtedly one of the top features on Instagram that generates a lot of engagement. But, in some cases, excessive engagement could result in unneeded comments that are not relevant to your company or your products.

These unrelated comments could damage your reputation online. This is why you should follow these easy steps to block remarks posted on Instagram reels:

Step 1. Start by opening your Ig page and then go through the “reels” section. There you’ll find the reels you’ve shared until the present.


Step 2. Choose the reel that has comments you wish to disable. As soon as the reel begins to spin, check for those three dots in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.


Step 3. Make a three-dot tap to open the reel’s setting menu.


Step 4. Choose the “Turn off comments” option to prevent your flowers from making comments on your reel. When you turn off comments, you’ll notice that the icon for comments isn’t visible anymore.

Suppose you would like to view comments. Tap on the three dots, then select “Turn to comment” on the left menu.


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