Why Gojek Clone App Is The Most Demanded Multi-Service App?

Why Gojek Clone App Is A Demandable App In On-Demand Market To Start Multi-Service Business

In 2022, every smart entrepreneur wants to launch a Super App like Gojek Thailand. There is no one concrete reason behind that tells that this app is the most demanded, but several. That’s what we’ll uncover in this blog. Let’s look at some of the top-most app features that people demand and use every time they book a service. 

Trust me, once you download the demo apps of Gojek Clone Thailand, you’ll see that for yourself! 


People have become addicted to using mobile apps, especially the ones that function as ‘multi-purpose’. No mobile applications are available in the market that can offer 70+ on-demand services. You’re wrong! Gojek Clone Thailand is the first and the only app that provides its customers with an extensive range of services from different niches such as: 

  • Online taxi booking service
  • Ordering groceries, medicines, flowers, stationery, etc. from the stores
  • Hiring on-demand service providers such as plumbers, electricians, beauticians, and more 
  • Customers can now book professionals personal shoppers or errand-runner 
  • Book parcel delivery service to send packages from one place to another in the same city. 

Good news! Two components have recently launched with the latest, most-advanced Gojek Clone -KINGX 2022!

Online Video Consultation

It is here in this service component that the customers can book an online video consultation with professionals like doctors, tutors, lawyers, and even astrologers! 

Service Bidding 

In service bidding, the customers first have to post a task for handyman jobs such as a plumber, electricians, carpenter, home painter, etc. As soon as the task is posted on the app, professionals from the selected categories are sent an invitation to start bidding for the job!


Here are some of the most interesting app features that your customers will love are: 

1. Smart login feature

The app users can now turn on the smart login feature in their app’s setting. iPhone users can log in to the app using Face ID while Android users can use fingerprint scanning to log in!

This feature eliminates the hassles of remembering passwords and usernames.

2. Video calling the service provider

Once the service providers accept the user’s service request, they can start video calling. So, along with normal voice calling and in-app chatting, the service providers and the users can communicate with each other over a video call!

However, this feature is unique to Gojek Cone -KINGX 2022. So, if you want your customers to use this unique feature, integrate it into your app right away!

3. Multiple photos and videos 

The service providers now have the feature that enables them to upload multiple photos and videos of their work in the app’s gallery! The customers will look at these photos and videos before making the hiring decision. Thus, great quality work showed off this way earns the providers a higher chance of getting hired!


The Gojek Clone App Thailand is certainly the Future of the Online Multi-Services business! Gojek Clone App assists you with hoisting your Business Market Position by making you a Favorite Among the App Users. Would you like to bring in Easy and Quick Money? Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in you? Reach out to one of the Legit Licensed White-Labeling Firms of Global Repute. Turn into the Big-Shot in this Multi-Billion US Dollar Industry!

Start building an app that everyone wants to use, including you! Build Gojek Clone App Thailand today if you are serious about establishing a successful business in the on-demand multi-service industry. 

It takes only a week for expert app developers to rebrand their base app with your branding! Therefore, the right thing to do is discuss your project needs with the expert today!

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