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Define and Align: A Manageable Content and Social Media Marketing Process Grow

But when we dig into the reality of how much effort and time goes into improving their online visibility, an ongoing effort that (Click here)requires their creation of content and establishing relationships, we often find some resistance.

To overcome that resistance, our team has considered how we conduct and explain our approach to content marketing.

Defining our Terms

Before we dive into it, let’s take a short note on this particular kind of marketing using content. We generally understand the concept of content marketing typically seen as being different than social media marketing. Content marketing is all about making sure that people are aware of your website’s content Social media marketing is about promoting participation in the various social media forums.

As we work with clients regarding their online marketing strategies, we often blur the distinction between content and marketing via social media. Each strategy we design incorporates both. Relevant content — blog posts, videos, infographics, or any type of content compatible with the clients’ goals, forms the base of any web marketing campaign. Once we’ve identified an idea of its value, then we use social media platforms to get information out there, connect with customers, establish relationships and eventually, build brand awareness. Are you able to see the blurring?


The title isn’t as important as being able to create a planned and deliberate strategy to offer something valuable continuously since content marketing and marketing on social media create:

The value you bring to your business or organization (or in the name of your customer)

A brand and personality that people trust and know

Relationships that last

A supportive online community

Authority in domains and desired ranking

The Solution

When our clients had difficulty understanding the steps to increase their online visibility, We determined something  to be.

We’ve devised an approach that clarifies and outlines the procedure step-by-step to achieve this. It clarifies who does what, when, and what, and in general, this makes everything much easier to handle and appeals to our unsure clients.

Our process always begins by explaining our organic web-based marketing process is  of three steps:

Stage One

SEO & Local Search (research and implementation)

Stage Two

Stage Three

Continuous Implementation and Measurement (which never, ever stops)

This graphic illustrates the stages Two, three, and four. This is the method we follow to design and implement social media and content marketing strategies for our clients:

Content Marketing & the Social Process


When we reach this stage of the (almost painfully) established process, two things will have been :

[1] Stage One Has Been Completed

At the start of Stage One, participants completed the data collection form that will give us a basic knowledge of the following:

Design preferences and assets

Logins (website logins, analytics logins (social, analytics, website, etc.))

Competition (top 3)

The target audience (and degree of understanding)

website (most important pages, most significant tasks)

Calendar (highs and lows) important holidays, major)

Team (point for contact)

marketing strategies (print marketing, social, SEO marketing via email)

goals & expectations (SEO, social media)

We’ve reviewed these results and have gone through the various SEO and web-based actions that form part of Stage One in the plan (site audit and navigation development, user experience, keywords research, optimization on the page, the integration of local searches,.). Stage One is the first step in laying the foundation to ensure that the website is fully optimized and ready to handle the targeted traffic we’re planning to bring. We’ve also identified the keywords we’ll incorporate into their link-building process and their social media marketing strategy to ensure we build links to the appropriate websites as we move to Stage Three.


Each client has their budget and expectations for participation. Specific clients have an internal team that can devote their time to continue creating content and implementing strategies. Other clients need to depend on our experience of expertise, experience, and resources; therefore, at the level of our service, we serve as their third-party marketing team and shoulder the bulk of the work for them.

At whatever level we work with our clients, we will always make it evident what is needed to get the desired results and who is accountable for the outcomes. If a customer asks us to help with their analysis, research, and development of strategies, they prefer to have their internal team take care of the actual implementation and implementation. We are not held accountable if our suggestions do not get. It is crucial to agree on the guidelines with your client before signing under contract. It will lead to the most successful and lasting relationship with a consultant.

With that said, here’s how the content marketing social process is down:

Step One: Analyze & ObserveStep One: Analyze & Observe

In the first stage of the procedure, you’ll have to know the current social media environment thoroughly. Examine what your client is performing (or isn’t doing) in their social media blogs, websites, and printed marketing campaigns. Make the same analysis for their competition.


The purpose of this analysis is to create some general ideas. What are the common threads that connect the customer and their competition? What can you do to improve? Examine the gaps in the content and the areas where improvements can. These observations are  on a graph to help us incorporate these into our analysis and the recommendations we offer to the client. These observations can help when you create the plan and calendar for the next step.

In Step Two, you will begin to establish the base for the community online. At this point, you aim to be familiar with the social networks in which the user will be reading

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