How to Organize Your White Shaker Cabinets in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen, there are multiple items to store in the kitchen cabinets. The items are in different shapes, sizes, and categories. So, organizing your kitchen cabinets might turn out to be more challenging than you know. But it is important to keep them organized.

Often, a non-organized kitchen can cause you to buy duplicate items as you are unable to find them at the right time. Also, it will help in saving time when you are cooking a meal.

So, if you want to keep your white shaker cabinets organized, here are a few tips you can follow.

  1. Declutter the Cabinets

The first step to decluttering a kitchen cabinet, is to get it organized. You should do this even before you get shaker kitchen cabinets or try to rearrange the items.

Get a trash can and a box for the items to donate or sell. Now, take out everything from the cabinet. Check every item and either put them in the trash can. Make sure that you get rid of these items.

  1. Categorize Every Kitchen Item

When you are done decluttering, start by categorizing all items in the kitchen. Your goal should be to categorize the items as you use them. Make sure you are not overtly concerned about the appearance. Your kitchen cabinet has to be functional.

A majority of people like separating their food items from dinnerware or cookware into their kitchen cabinets. Hence, the ideal way is to divide the items in two different groups. Thereafter, you can sub-divide them.

For instance, you can subdivide the edible items into baking ingredients, drinks, canned goods, snacks, and any other food you keep. The dinnerware or cookware can be subdivided into cooking utensils, pans, or pots. How you want to arrange them is completely up to you.

  1. Assign Items to the Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before putting away everything in the white shaker kitchen cabinets, evaluate how you are going to use the kitchen. The items that you will use more often have to be kept close to each other. Don’t shy away from changing the location of where you stored the items, previously. For instance, you don’t need to keep the cooking spices in the pantry and keep them next to the stove.

You should plan out how you want to position the items in the cabinet. Dedicate a cabinet for your drinking mugs and glasses. In case you are a coffee person and drink coffee every day and have a glass of wine every once in a blue moon, don’t have to keep the glasses upfront inside the cabinet.

Do the same with your everyday dinnerware. Remember, you don’t have to put everything inside the cabinet. Some items are better placed on the countertop.

Things You can Store in the Upper Cabinets

Here are a few things you can store in the upper cabinets-

  • Dishes and glass
  • Food
  • Cookbooks
  • Food storage containers

You don’t have to bend down every time you want these items. These are used regularly and should be kept within your reach.

Things to Store in the Lower Cabinets

The lower cabinets are good for the items given below-

  • Baking sheets, pans, pots
  • Appliances
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cutting boards and mixing bowls

These are heavier items and are best kept in the lower cabinets.

Bottom Line

After you put in the effort to organize the kitchen cabinet, you need to make sure you keep them organized. Make sure everyone knows where each item should go. Also, label the containers.

If you have white shaker cabinets, you might ask are white shaker cabinets going out of style? Well, not. It is a timeless piece. So, you have to make sure that you keep it decluttered.

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