Four Key Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support as a Small Business

Small businesses should seriously consider the benefits of outsourcing operations; they can help the organisation save money and free up their time, which can be spent developing the business.

If you’re unaware of what outsourcing is, exactly, think of call centres, and how many businesses use call centres to field customer service calls. This is a form of outsourcing. But there are other types of outsourcing which help businesses in different ways. We discussed this with a company – TechQuarters – who provide managed IT services London businesses have used extensively to grow their operations over the last twelve years. According to TechQuarters, outsourced IT support is one of the first – and biggest – steps that a small business can take to optimizing their operations, and making success easier.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT Support simply means that a business does not get their support from in-house staff. Instead, they will usually call up a remote helpdesk, or potentially log their case using a cloud-based platform that their provide uses to manage and prioritise cases. A remote case management system can oftentimes be more efficient than in-house support – TechQuarters, for instance, have spent years refining their system; whereas some businesses with in-house departments may take their time for granted, because they know that they always have staff on hand.

Below are four important benefits of outsourcing IT support for small business…

  • Cutting-edge IT Expertise

Owing to the fact that IT support companies hire a diverse pool of IT staff, they tend to have the best expertise when it comes to the latest developments in the IT industry. Small businesses may only have one or two IT staff, and they may not have the ability to support their staff to seek out ongoing training to keep their expertise up-to-date. This is something that IT providers prioritise with their staff.

  • Expert IT Management

Given the extra resources IT providers have – plus the greater workforce and wider pool of experience – they are generally much better at IT management than the average business. Not only can they offer more efficient solutions to existing IT needs, but they can help a business improve the management of their IT in the long run.

  • Lower Expenses

IT outsourcing may seem like an extra expense to some, but the reality is that IT providers can help their clients lower expenses in a number of areas. For one thing, they are able to scale their services more easily – so if one month a business uses their outsourced IT support service less than the previous month, they may be charged less. Furthermore, an IT partner can recommend solutions – for example, cloud computing – that can save a business money in the long-term; they can also prevent expenses associated with downtime due to technical difficulties.

  • More Efficient Operations

The main purpose of an outsourced IT support service is that they can manage the client’s IT more efficiently. This results in less downtime for the client, which saves both time and money. Furthermore, offloading the responsibility of IT management to a service provider adds more time to the business. In other words, IT outsourcing gives time back to businesses, which they are free to spend however they want – thus, they can work more efficiently.


Hopefully, these few points give a good idea as to why so many small businesses nowadays are choosing IT outsourcing. As TechQuarters have been providing IT support in Birmingham, London, Manchester, and many other places around the UK, they know very well the benefits that outsourcing IT support can have to businesses – particularly small businesses. They claim that it is in fact the most effective solution to IT management that an SMB can adopt.

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