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Our world is filled with many words that are mostly hard to pronounce or time-consuming to type. To save ourselves from wasting our time and to do the task faster, people tend to use abbreviations and acronyms for certain words. 

These words, when written as an acronym, provide a quick understanding of the full version of the word. Here, in this article, you will get to know the HR full form in company, its meaning and know where this abbreviation is generally used. 

HR Full Form in Company 

HR Full Form in Company 


HR is a commonly used abbreviation in an office environment. HR full form in company is Human Resource or Human Resources. This abbreviation is mostly used to entitle the person from the Human Resource department of the company. 

If you work in a corporate sector, it is most probable that you have heard this acronym not once, but many times. And if you had any confusion as to what is the full form of HR in Company, then your confusion must have been cleared by now. 

Other Common Full Forms of HR 

The acronym HR is used in other places as well outside of the corporate sector. Some of the common HR full forms are: 

  • HR   High Resolution (in LED display) 
  • HR   Heart Rate (In medical) 
  • HR   Hospital Record (in Hospitals) 

What is HR? 

HR or Human Resource is a job title or the name of the department in a company. As the name suggests, Human Resource is similar to the word Human capital which is used to define the manpower or labour workforce in an organization or workplace. 

In any company or organization, the term HR defines the Human resource department which is responsible to deal with employees and their everyday matters. This department also helps the company shape the company policies as well as handle management tasks and provide direction to the newly recruited employees in a structured manner. 

Simply put, the people working in a company is like an asset to the company and a dedicated team or department that manages the employees of the company is the HR or Human Resource department

Main Functions of HR 

Main Functions of HR 


Every company works with different policies and standards which all the employees have to follow. But the function of HR is almost the same for every business or organization. Some of the main functions of HR are: 

  • HR is responsible for hiring employees and recruitment 
  • HR design creates a safe working surrounding 
  • Organizing the company culture 
  • They provide training, learning, development and growth of the workforce 
  • Help promote handling disciplines and actions in employees 
  • Buildup employer and employee relations 
  • Help the company manage employees incentives and benefits 
  • Encourage and motivate the employees 
  • Develop administration and record-keeping 
  • Support counselling and grievance handling of the employees 

How many types of HR are there? 

Basically, there are three types of main HR professionals in every firm or organization that are: 

  • The party planner HR professionals 
  • The business people HR professionals 
  • The lawyer HR professionals 

Interesting facts about HR 

Every organization has an HR team which are dedicated to their work and responsibilities as a part of the company. Here are some interesting facts about the HR of the companies.  

  • It is found after years of research that the median salary of human resource professionals is $100k per year in the US. 
  • In a company, almost 93% of Human Resource team professionals claim that their growth in the company is their priority. 
  • HR departments have a 35% more engaged workforce 
  • One of the main jobs of HR in a company is to evaluate the employee data 




In this article, we took a glance at the full form of HR in company that is Human Resource. HR is a dedicated team of members of a company that works and offers in the best of interest the employees of the company. We hope that HR Full Form in Company is clear after reading this article in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is HR a good career? 

Yes, HR is a rewarding career and pose potential for career growth. HR specialist even represents a combination of strong employment growth, ample advancement opportunities and high job satisfaction. 

  • Do HR jobs pay well? 

Yes, the HR job pays well. It is not necessary to say that the HR team professionals are highly trained for negotiations which they can use in their own favour by negotiating for competitive compensation. 

  • Can HR become CEO? 

Yes, HR professionals can become CEO because of their interpersonal skills. In fact, many companies have CEOs that started their journey as HR professionals. 

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