How to Plan Spiti Valley within a Budget


The Spiti valley is a beautiful place to visit. It takes at least 12 days. Budget is also an important consideration when visiting the Spiti valley. Young trekkers are increasingly making Spiti Valley a popular destination. If you are able to endure the harsh weather conditions and high-risk roads, Spiti Valley is a must-see destination. Trekkers will find this part of the world to be the most idyllic. It is also quite costly due to the remoteness of Spiti Valley, high up in the mountains. We will show you how to plan your trip to Spiti without burning a hole in your pocket.

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1.Plant a Visit in October/September/May

It’s better not to book a trip during peak season. Spot bookings can be made at this time for better rates at hotels and taxis. Winter travel has its limitations. You can still plan your visit during shoulder months, such as May or September/October when the season is ending. Because there are fewer people visiting Spiti during these months, you don’t have to make any bookings. Spot bookings can be made with attractive offers. Hotel staff are always available to offer additional deals. Many homestays are much cheaper than hotels.


2.Travel with a Group

It is always possible to travel with a group. The daily cost of the trip will be shared among all the members. You will share the commuting options for your stay with other people. Self-driving a car or bike is the most economical way to get to Spiti. You can rent a bike if you’re traveling solo or with a single person. If you are traveling with a group of three to five people, then you can choose to drive a car or take a taxi. A taxi can be used as a winger, or tempo for large groups of people. This will reduce your costs by approximately 55 to 60% compared to hiring a taxi.


3.Book on-the-spot bookings

Extreme weather at this altitude could change your plans quickly. Spiti Valley is prone to roadblocks, landslides and high altitude sickness.

You will not be able to book in advance and you won’t have the option of staying in different places. If you don’t want to be picky about where you stay in Spiti Valley, you can get a guesthouse or other options such as a homestay.


4.Choose proper accommodation location

In the Himalayas, it is a rule of thumb to get up early in the morning and sleep well at night. On a budget trip to Spiti Valley, don’t forget about the hotel-like atmosphere. You will travel on the roads for most of your trip to Spiti. You don’t need a fancy hotel or three-star resort. When choosing accommodation, you should prioritize comfort and cleanliness. Homestays have one drawback: you will not be able to get your food when you need it. The family will usually cook the food for you. You can always go to the hotel for lunch or dinner.


5.Choose wisely when and what you eat

It is a better option to eat your lunch or dinner at a roadside Dhaba, and then try Tibetan cuisine. You can also try different dishes at home and save money.


6.Individual Pay

Always share the payment for your meals and stay with friends. Also, make sure you share the cost so it doesn’t cost too much per person. This will allow you to plan your budget trip in Spiti Valley that won’t break the bank. Otherwise, all the essential expenses will be necessary. We’ll be able to plan ahead and save money on our trip.

You are planning a weekend getaway.

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