Best Camping near Mumbai for a Refreshing Getaway


Take a break from your hectic and exhausting life in Mumbai. Get re energized and refreshed by spending some time in nature. It doesn’t seem like a great idea to camp near Mumbai. Camping does not require a long journey. Instead, you can plan your camping trip and return with lots of rejuvenating memories. It is also very affordable. These are some amazing places to camp. Let’s find out more.


  1. Pawana Lake

This  Pawna lake campsite is located approximately 20 kilometers from Lonawala Railway Station. Enjoy the tranquility of Pawana Lake. Wake up to the stunning view of the lake and mountains.

Mumbai to Mumbai: Approx. 117km

Key Attractions: Stargazing and Boating

How to get there:

By Road: There are frequent buses that run from Mumbai to Lonavala. Once there, one can either take a private taxi or cab to reach Pawana Lake.

By train: Lonavala Railway Station

By Air: Nearly 64 km from Pune airport


  1. Panchgani

Popular destination close to Mahabaleshwar, the name derives its popularity from the five hills that surround it. It is worth visiting to enjoy a stunning sunset with your loved ones, and have unforgettable evenings. Panchgani Camping will offer you breathtaking views of the mountains.


Mumbai: 244 km

Trekking sunset and sunrise are key attractions

How do you get there?


By road: There are buses that run from Mumbai to Panchgani.


  1. Rajmachi

This campsite will be located in the Maharashtra ranges of Sahyadri.

Rajmachi can be found between the two mountains. This place is unique because it is very remote and offbeat.


Mumbai to 314km

The main attractions are trekking and offbeat environments


How to get there:

By Road: Take a road trip to Udhewadi village. From there, you can trek for 20-30 minutes to Rajmachi

You can also travel by train to Lovavala station.

Fly by Air: The nearest airport is Mumbai Airport


  1. Kolad

You will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and innocent chirping birds. This is the best spot for river rafting enthusiasts. This place isn’t crowded even on weekends.


Mumbai to Mumbai: 121 km

The main attractions include river rafting at Kundalika River, such as a banana boat ride

How do you get there?

By Road: The roads are well connected to Mumbai but can be bumpy. Near Kolad, 118 km is Murud.

By Train: There are well-connected trains that run from Mumbai to Kolad


  1. Shirota Lake

This spot, located 18 km from Lonavala is perfect for camping. This spot is ideal for a weekend getaway as it isn’t often visited by tourists.

Mumbai to Mumbai: 109 km

Shirota lake is one of the key attractions

How to get there:

By Road: Get a Taxi or Private Cab from Lonawala

ByTrain: The nearest station to Shirota is Lonawala railway Station.


  1. Bhatsa Dam

The campsite is close to Igatpuri. The Bhatsa River Valley, a stunning camping spot, is also nearby. This spot is located at the Ghat’s end. This hamlet is surrounded with lush vegetation and enjoys refreshing weather.

Mumbai to 69km

Attractions: Rock formations, waterfalls, Riverside camping

How do you get there?

By Road: You can take a bus or a car to reach Bhatsa via the Igatpuri-Mumbai highway.

ByTrain: The Igatpuri railway station, is the most rare

  1. Uttan

It’s almost in Mumbai and is a fishing village. This place, despite its location, will give you an escape from the concrete jungle.


From Mumbai: Dahisar west is 17 km

Attractions: Sumo wrestling and archery; paintball and swimming.

How do you get there?

By Road: Buses departing from Bhayender will leave from various locations in Mumbai

ByTrain: To Bhayender railway station



Mumbai: 66.5 km


How do you get there?

By Road: Many state-run buses and private buses run between Lonawala, Mumbai and Mumbai. Even the journey is very joyful.

ByTrain: Lonavala railway station

These are great places to get a refreshing drink in Mumbai. You should visit these places every now and again to have rejuvenating weekends. For a refreshing experience, pack all your camping gear.


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