Things to Do in Manali- A taste of adventure and nature


Things to Do in Manali Who wouldn’t love to spend their time in the most beautiful part of the world? Manali offers both peace and adventure. This place will make you fall in a love with its snowy winters. Manali is a beautiful combination of nature and people.

This place will make you feel like magic. There are so many things to discover in this treasure trove of nature, nestled among mountains.


Let’s explore this hill station


  1. Visit Temple

If you are looking for solace in the mountains, Manali has many places to find it. There are many magnificent monasteries and temples to be visited. You can relate to these temples in Mahabharata as well as ancient stories.

Popular Temples to See: Hadimba temple. Manu temple. Gauri Shankar temple. Vashisht hotspring temple. Raghunath temple.


2.Waterfall Visit


Manali’s natural beauty and waterfalls have made it a popular tourist destination. You can trek to waterfalls to reclaim yourself in the midst of this natural beauty. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful views, cascades and rich natural surroundings.


Waterfalls to see: Jogini waterfalls, Rahala waterfalls, Rozy waterfalls

1.Adventure Sports

Parasailing in clear skies at high altitude is an adventurous activity that can be nerve-wracking. Adventure lovers will be delighted by the variety of adventure options available. This place is paradise for trekkers. Manali, with its many nearby attractions, is a great base camp. Enjoy camping by the river or on the ice.

Adventure Activities: Parasailing in Solang Valley, Beas Kund River Rafting, Skiing, Ice Skating and Cahndratak Lake Trekking.

2.Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

This is nature’s most beloved spot, where you can witness the diversity. There are many species of animals and birds in the dense pine forests. You may be able to spot snow leopards or other wildlife in the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature, and breathe in the freshness of the air around you.

3.Arjun Gufa

You won’t find this place more crowded as it isn’t very popular. We can embrace the silence of the place and see the place where Pandava meditated. You can sit still and enjoy the atmosphere. This hidden spot of Manali is also home to some of the most renowned cafes. This is a great place to meet up with family and friends, while enjoying a cup of coffee.


This new adventure Zorbing on the green hills of Manali Zorbing has become very popular. This giant ball roller coaster is fun for both adults and children. You can laugh as you roll down the hill, and create the most memorable memories with your loved ones.

6.Skiing at Solang

The famous Solang Vally will become completely white-washed by snow in winter. This place is ideal for skiing. Even if you’re not a professional skier, this exciting adventure can be enjoyed by anyone with the right gear and training.

7.Shopping on Mall Road

After you’re done exploring Manali, it is time to go home. You can take plenty of souvenirs back with you to give as gifts. There are many woolen items that you can add to your wardrobe, and Tibetan handcrafted materials that will add charm to your home. This place is famous for its cafes and numerous food outlets.

If you’re always looking for something new, Manali is the place to be. You can book your Manali exclusive trip and enjoy the unique mix of beauty, culture, spirituality, adventure, and nature. If you don’t like to travel, stay at the most luxurious resorts and take in your vacation.

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