Helen Grace De Niro Wiki, Age, Parents, & Net worth

Actors earn fame throughout their lives. They are superstars in the eyes of the normal public. Their families are also closely followed by fans, including their lifestyle, whereabouts, etc.

One famous American actor, producer, & director whom many people follow & respect is, Robert De Niro. He has done many famous Hollywood films such as The Godfather, The Irishman, Taxi Driver, & more.

This article is about her youngest daughter Helen Grace De Niro. She is a popular star kid & has been quite famous at a very young age due to the royal blood she comes from.

Let’s read more about Helen Grace De Niro in this article.

Helen Grace De Niro Background & Birth

Helen Grace De Niro Background & Birth

Source: Muzu.tv

Helen is famously known as the daughter of Robert De Niro. Robert is a popular American actor, producer, & director who has both American & Italian citizenship.

Helen was born on December 23, 2011, to Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower via surrogate. Surrogate means a substitute female gives birth to a kid which is immediately appointed as the child of the mother who chooses the female.

Helen belongs to mixed ethnicity & holds American nationality. Helen weighed a bit over 3 kg when born. She is the youngest daughter of Robert De Niro.

Helen Grace De Niro Parents

Helen is the daughter of the famous Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower. De Niro married Grace in 1997. In 1998, their elder son, Elliot was born. Because of a few personal problems, the decision to split in 1999.

The official divorce had never been finalized & in 2004 they patched up & renewed their vows. Helen was born on 23rd December 2011 via surrogate.

Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower moved into a lavish mansion spread over 6,000 square feet located at 15 Central Park West. The room consists of 5 bedrooms. De Niro & Hightower separated after 20 years of marriage. Robert has 4 grandchildren, 3 from his son Raphael, & 1 from his daughter Drena.

Helen Grace De Niro Wiki

Helen Grace De Niro Wiki

Source: Biographygist.com

Wiki is known as a website that is developed collaboratively by a community of users & allows them to add & edit content. Let’s see some wiki information on Helen Grace De Niro.

  • Biography

Biography / Wiki
Full name / Birth name Helen Grace De Niro
Occupation Celebrity family member
Age 10
Date of Birth 23rd December, 2011
Place of birth United States of America
Astrological sign Capricorn
Country United States of America
Kind Female Gender
  • Age, Birthday, & Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth December 23
Date of Birth Friday
year of birth 2011
Birth sign Capricorn
Duality of birth sign Confident
Method and element of the birth sign Cardinal earth
Opposite sign Cancer
  • Physical Build & Stats

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Color of Hair Black
Color of Eye Brown (Earthy Colour)
Shoe Size N/A
  • Family

Name of parents Grace Hightower De Niro;
Robert De Niro
Name of siblings Elliot De Niro (Brother), 

Julien Henry De Niro,
Aaron Kendrick De Niro,
Raphael De Niro,
Drain De Niro

Name of parent (s) Robert De Niro Sr .;
Admiral of Virginia
  • Education & Early Life

Education American High School
University N/A
School N/A
  • Net Worth

The young Helen hasn’t started earning on her own. She currently is dependent on her father. However, because of her wealthy father, her net worth will contain an inherent sum from her father’s good fortunes.

Net Worth N/A
Source of Income N/A
Checking the State of Wealth Not verified

Some Facts about Helen Grace De Niro

Helen is Robert’s most adored & favorite daughter. Robert has managed to keep her out of the spotlight as much as possible as he wants her to focus on her studies at this age. The little girl has not decided what she wants to do in the future as she is only 10 years old.

However, we all know his superstar father Robert, who has played brilliant roles in so many famous movies. Helen might go into the Hollywood industry but that claim is just our opinion right now.

Robert De Niro’s net worth is around $500 Million & Helen lives her life peacefully & full of luxuries because of her rich father who adores her. If we talk about the social media appearance of Helen, we don’t find much. Since she is a young girl, she does not have any social media handles. However, her dad has his Instagram profile where he shares pictures of her cute daughter.

Some Final Concluding Remarks

It is by luck that a person is born in a family with a father having a net worth of $500 million & immense fame in his name. However, many believe that everything happens for a reason & people who start with nothing become more successful in life than people who get the rich life self-made.

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