Kegura Reviews: Is it Legit or Scam?

Technology has made so much possible that it is difficult to retrospect what we came from. From long lines in the banks to pay off your bills to do them via a tap on your phones. From walking tirelessly in the markets for shopping to ordering whatever you wish online & getting it at your home. It’s a journey, isn’t it?

However, with ease of access, the ease of scams & frauds is also on a verge of increasing. Some online shopping platforms & websites are not legitimate & their purpose is to charge advance money from their target customers & never deliver the products. Some websites do deliver the products, but they vary too much from what they were expecting of getting.

One such website is Kegura. In this article, we are going to find out whether Kegura jewelry is a legit website to shop from or is just another filthy scam.

What Is Kegura?

Kegura jewelry

Kegura is an online e-commerce shopping website that deals in a wide range of jewelry, bracelets, rings, watches, pendants, & more fashion-related products. It has a user-friendly interface that is very simple to use.

Kegura has articles related to both men & women. You get the options to track your order, contact them through email, etc. If you browse to the bottom of their homepage, you will find all the necessary documentation which you need to trust a website.

These documents include the shipping policy, privacy policy, refund policy, terms of service, etc. All of this is written very formally & a random shopper is tends to purchase something from here right away.

Furthermore, the website has been secured with an SSL certificate which shows us that the website has been operating legally. One amazing factor in Kegura is that there is a coupon code that you can apply to redeem a 100% discount on your purchase. In this case, you are only required to pay for the shipping. Not a bad deal isn’t it? Let’s find out more.

Is It A Scam Or A Legal Website?

Is It A Scam Or A Legal Website?

Let’s talk about some facts primarily which will give us an idea of whether Kegura is a scam or a legit platform to shop from.

The website was listed on 24th March 2021, which is less than a year old. The website has achieved a less than 10% trust score which is a bit alarming.

The main reason for concern is that the website does not have a separate about us page which is written to mention the details of the owners & the team who runs the website. There are no contact information tools such as a phone number or an address. An email is provided but users have reported that they never reply to emails.

Furthermore, the website does not have any social media presence, which is another red flag. Now if we talk about some common sense problems in this website, what comes on the top of our heads? The discount factor.

Kegura jewelry offers a 100% discount on their purchase if you enter the code “sponsor22”, which is ridiculous. A company is sure to go bankrupt if they are offering a 100% discount & only charging for the shipping fee. Hence this questions the site’s legitimacy.

Also, adding to the shipping fee, users who have had a shopping experience from Kegura are stated to say that they are charged above what they were told. One such review comes from Anastasia who says “I ordered & my shipping was $77.

That was not a problem until I saw my bank account debited for $104 instead of the $77 as stated by the website. This ruined everything as I was not willing to pay this price. I have emailed them but if I don’t get a reply from them, I am taking this issue further.

Now if we talk about the shipping, the website states the shipping time for their orders to be between 12 to 15 days. However, customers have said that it takes more than a month for their orders to arrive as their package arrives from China.

A person commented on 17th November 2021, that he had ordered from Kegura in September & hadn’t received his parcel since. Legit reviews are bashing the customer service of the website as people say they receive parcels containing jewelry totally trash & the customer service is also nonexistent as they never reply to emails.

You can read some actual customer reviews from trust pilot to make sure of the legitimacy of this website before you make an actual purchase.



From the red flags, we find that Kegura jewelry is not a legit option. Hence, we do not endorse our users to shop from there. Stay safe from scams & do consider reading legit customer reviews before purchasing from new websites.

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