Cold Cut Combo Subway Sandwich: Its Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Around 37% of adults consume fast food on a given day & 45% of young adults aged between 20 & 39 consume fast food daily. The number keeps increasing every year & United States lies on the number 1 spot where fast food consumption is on top.

You might want to try a Subway to reap the health benefits despite eating fast food. There are alone over 23,000 stores of Subway in the United States alone. Subway’s tagline has always been “Eat Fresh”, which they claim by their menu of fresh sandwiches & salads.

One popular option is the cold cut combo subway which most people seem to try. But is it healthy or harmful for your health? We will find out here. Read through to find out more about the Subway cold cut combo health implications, nutritional value, & more.

What Is a Sub? 

What Is a Sub? 


Do you know a sub is primarily named a submarine sandwich? You get the reason for it. The name comes from the shape of the bread of the sandwich. It is also known as a hoagie, Italian sandwich, & a hero. It is a type of hot or cold sandwich made from a cylindrical bread roll shaped like a submarine which is filled with meat, sauces, & vegetables in between.

Subway is the most popular restaurant chain which makes subs for their customers. The uniqueness of Subway lies in its creation of food. Your food is prepared right in front of you & you get to choose whatever you like in your sandwich.

The sub is regarded as fast food that can be enjoyed right on the go. Whether you are going out with your friends or getting late for work, a sub is the best option for a fast & fresh meal.

Subway’s Cold Cut Combo Sandwich

Subway’s Cold Cut Combo Sandwich


What does a cold cut mean? Cold-cut meat is also referred to as lunch meat. These meats are precooked. They may be a standard meatloaf, ham, salami, or any type of meat. They are stored cold after being cooked. These meats are a popular option for fast foods as it makes sandwiches faster with prepared meat ready for filling.

Now let’s talk about the cold cut combo subway which is a famous & popular option amongst turkey meat lovers. It comes with turkey bologna, turkey ham, & turkey salami on Italian bread. You can choose whatever condiments & veggies you like to go along with this sub.

Turkey meat is considered a very healthy option that has high-quality protein, B vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, & supports various aspects related to health such as muscle growth & maintenance.

However, processed varieties are not recommended as precooked turkey contains a high amount of salt which can be unsuitable for customers with blood pressure problems as sodium can worsen their state.

Cold Cut Combo Subway Nutritional Facts & Benefit

Subway calories for this sandwich are about 330 for a 6-inch long sub. For a foot-long sub, the calories rise to 740. The serving size for a 6-inch sub is 245 grams with mostly carbs, then fat, & the least protein.

The sub has 13 grams of total fat which comprises 4 grams of saturated fats. Cholesterol count is about 50 milligrams which are about 17% of the recommended daily intake. There are 1140 milligrams of sodium content on a 6-inch sub which covers 48% of the daily intake.

This means that a foot-long sub covers the full daily intake of sodium. Hence, it is important to balance your other meals of the day in case you are opting for a foot-long cold cut sub.

Total carbohydrates in the sandwich are about 46 grams with 5 grams of dietary fiber & 7 grams of sugars. Protein is 18 grams. There are vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, & iron components which makes this sandwich somewhat healthier. Note that all these nutritional values are based on a 2,000 calorie limit diet.

Why Is More Sodium Bad?

Why Is More Sodium Bad?


Sodium is basically salt that should always be consumed within a limit as exceeding the limit can lead to multiple health problems.

Too much sodium in your daily food can lead to high blood pressure, heart diseases, & stroke. Calcium losses also occur as a result of high sodium. Hypernatremia is a disease related to high sodium intake which relates to having a high sodium level in your blood which makes you more dehydrated. Dehydration itself has many other problems.


The cold cut combo subway is a safe option of consumed within limits. We recommend you to go for a 6-inch sub rather than a foot long.

Comment down your views about this sandwich & let us know your favorite item on the Subway menu.

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