List of Seasonal Fruits in India and their Benefits on Health

Who doesn’t love mango? Or watermelon? We all wait for the season to eat our favorite seasonal fruits. What is so good about seasonal fruits? Let’s find out.

Seasonal fruits are those which specifically grow in a certain season. For example, mango is the seasonal fruit for summers. You might get off seasonal fruits any time of the year, but they lack the punch of nutrients which in-season fruits contain. Doctors stress about the benefits of seasonal fruits & how they can protect you against seasonal illnesses & diseases.

Below we have given the lists of seasonal fruits in India available in summer, winter, & spring.

Summer Seasonal Fruits in India

No one is a fan of the hot summers, especially in India where the temperature rises above 40 degrees. However, summer seasonal fruits are what people most likely wait for. Below is a list of famous summer seasonal fruits.




Mango is considered the king of fruits & rightfully so due to its magical taste. It is one of the most consumed summer seasonal fruits in India. Mango helps to keep you cool if you refrigerate it before consuming it. Furthermore is also improves digestion, boosts immunity, & improves heart health.

Mango helps in fighting diseases & heat strokes in summer. An amazing fruit that can be made into creamy ice creams & delicious milkshakes.


Watermelon is considered the most watery fruit on this planet as it is about 90% water. It is a low-calorie refreshing fruit with a sweet taste. It keeps you hydrated in the scorching summer heat & contains vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants.

Watermelon helps balance blood pressures & heals wounds faster because of the vitamin C it has. It prevents kidney stones, muscle soreness, asthma, constipation, & radicals. Overall it is an immunity booster.


Papaya is another refreshing & sweet fruit that keeps your stomach full & protects you from indigestion problems. It protects the skin from damage, improves heart health, aids weight loss, & cleanses acne.


One of the most seasonal fruits in India is lychee because of its delectable taste & appearance. Lychee promotes blood circulation, improves eyesight, improves heart health, & supplements weight loss. It is a very beneficial fruit for asthma patients as well.

Winter Seasonal Fruits in India

Now let’s look at some refreshing winter fruits which we enjoy while we are in our blankets.




Oranges are eaten in every household during the winter season. It is a refreshingly juicy fruit that is a rich source of vitamin C. it strengthens your immune system, protects skin from damage, & maintains blood sugar levels. Orange juice is a very popular drink in the winter.


Dates have nutritional benefits in abundance. They improve brain functions & are known for their digestive properties. Dates keep your body warm in the freezing winters & contain antioxidants that fight diseases.


Kiwi is an amazing-looking fruit with a sour punch to it. It has immense nutritional benefits & is considered a very healthy fruit for your skin improvement & boosting immunity. It helps in the treatment of asthma & improves overall body functioning.


There are many types of grapes with green grapes consumed in abundance. Grapes are a tasty & juicy fruit that one cannot keep it’s hands-off. They are extremely beneficial for your heart & protect against diabetes, kidney disorders, & maintain blood pressure.

Spring Seasonal Fruits in India

Let’s explore some famous & popular spring seasonal fruits.


Pineapple is the man’s best friend as long as it isn’t included in the pizza. It is a popular spring fruit that has many health benefits apart from being a tasty fruit. Pineapple reduces the risk of cancer, boosts immunity, speeds metabolism, & heals injuries faster.




The blood-red fruit is a very tasty one with many health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants that prevents cancer, decrease inflammation & the aging process. It helps in controlling blood sugar levels & is a rich source of vitamins. Overall it boosts the immune system.


Peaches are loved by people because of their amazing texture & flavorful taste. They are high in antioxidants & improve skin quality. It helps in the digestion of food & reduces inflammation. Peaches are considered very beneficial for pregnant women.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We all know it hence apple is the enjoyed by everyone except for the doctors. They boost your overall immunity, lower the risk of heart diseases, maintain blood sugar level, & promotes weight loss. Apple is a low-calorie food & is also beneficial for people with diabetes.


There are many other seasonal fruits in India. Comment down below which fruits are your favorite according to the seasons.

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