9 Important Stroller/Wagon Safety Tips For Parents

Do you know many kids have dealt with stroller-related injuries? Most of the injuries occur on the face and head when a child falls from a stroller or the stroller tripped over the child.

Well, It’s also true that strollers or wagons have become a necessity for all parents as you can’t hold your kids in your arms for long hours or handle more than 1 or 2 kids while going outdoors. A stroller allows taking the baby safely from one place to another as it’s like a carrier vehicle or transport.

Along with a variety of benefits, every parent should know about the possible danger their kids can face while sitting in a stroller or wagon cart. And it’s important to use the stroller properly otherwise it can be harmful.

Tips to keep your baby safe in the stroller

There are some useful tips every parent should know, to prevent accidents in strollers.

1. Use brakes

The function of the brake is to slow down or stop the stroller. Most importantly the brake prevents the stroller from moving when it’s in a stationary or inactive position. When parents let the baby sleep in the stroller and park it near them, at that time it is necessary to engage the brakes just to secure the baby. Otherwise, the stroller can easily move on and hit something and hurt the baby. Some strollers have locking mechanisms near wheels and this provides extra security.

2. Use seat belts and harnesses 

Belts or 5 point harnesses prevent the baby from slipping out. Harnesses give a tight grip to the shoulder, across the waist and in between legs. If the baby is small and you’re not able to provide grip even with belts, you can use a hack that is to roll up a blanket over the baby and use it as a bumper or cushion for great support. There is no need for belts in wagons or strollers for big kids.

3. Wide base

The base of the stroller should be wide as it maintains a balance and support, that reduces the chances of stroller tipping.

4. Stability 

Do check the stability of the stroller, check the fabric and quality of the frames. The frame of the seat should be low and the wheelbase should be wide. You can inspect the stability by putting some weight over the handles if this resists the tipping then it indicates stability.

5.  Keep it away from the sun

Try to park the stroller in the shades to avoid the heat of sunlight. Strollers or wagons do have sun canopy to protect the baby from direct light but metal and plastic parts get hot and burn your baby. It’s better to keep a check.

Some parents make the mistake of placing a piece of cloth or blanket over the sun canopy, avoid this mistake as it prevents ventilation.

6. Easy steering

The steering system sets up the direction of the stroller. An easy steering system allows the stroller to move wherever you make it move either in the right or left direction without applying any pressure. You should look for the swivel function in an all-terrain wagon or stroller so you can easily move the stroller with easy steering even on hard roads.

7. Store belongings properly

Most strollers have storage baskets to carry the belonging or luggage. It’s better to put luggage in the storage basket and try to avoid hanging heavy bags on the handles as it can cause the stroller to fall backwards and injure the baby.

8. Stay close 

Keep your eyes on your baby, don’t leave your baby unattended in the stroller. Sometimes casualties happen suddenly like the stroller rolling away, or due to movement, your baby can slip out so it’s vital to look after your baby and stay close.

9. Take caution while folding and unfolding the stroller

Firstly do read the instructions on how to fold and unfold the stroller properly. While putting the baby inside, do check that it won’t collapse because strollers spontaneously get collapsed if not unfolded properly which can hurt or injure a baby badly. And must keep the baby at a distance while folding the stroller as fingers of the baby can get pinched in the edges.

Final words:

There are many benefits of strollers and best kids wagons, as they provide flexibility to take your baby and make him move around the parks and other engaging places, where kids get a chance to explore the world around them and examine the beauty of nature. At first, parents’ priority is to protect their children. No doubt following all the safety tips builds your confidence as your baby is protected. But no matter how many safety measures you follow there is no substitute for parental supervision. for more info visit https://globalblogging.com/

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