Your Love Tarot Cards Can Reveal Your Partner’s Character

Most people are excited to know your love future or you can say their loveliness so they ask astrologers to check their love tarot cards and some check online their love tarot cards. When you experience your first spark of attraction for someone new, you have no idea what might potentially go wrong

They’re fantastic, you’re fantastic, you’re insanely in love, and everything is fantastic.

However, as we all know, crushing hard may blind you to obvious red flags, much alone the more subtle indicators that anything is wrong.

Early warning indications that a relationship is on the verge of becoming unhealthy might be even more difficult to detect.

A critical component of this is recognizing the 2 toxic partner types — and then avoiding them at all costs.

Let us dissect the 2 main categories

The Conjurer

‘The Charmer is a wolf dressed as a sheep,’ an astrologer explains to ‘At the beginning of a relationship, the Charmer will convince you that you are wonderful and that they are truly interested in you while luring you into a false sense of security.

‘The Charmer will then reappear at times when you express dissatisfaction with their behavior and/or desire to discontinue your connection with them.’

  • When someone is being The Charmer type, they will…
  • Gifts to bribe you
  • Exhibit grandiose demonstrations of adoration
  • Lie to you Promise not to do anything harmful in the future


‘The Charmer establishes their initial impression on you by flirtation and telling you what you want to hear,’ an astrologer explains. ‘As part of their charm offensive, they may claim that you are just what they are seeking, that you are unique, and that they have never encountered anybody quite like you.

‘They may give assurances about how they will treat you; for example, they may state that they would never treat you harshly or injure you.

‘When you’ve presented a promise at this early point of getting to know someone so attractive, it might appear plausible, and so it’s easy to fall for them.’

Have you ever heard of the term “love bombing”? That is The Charmer’s modus operandi. They’ll lure you with a variety of presents and affections, all of which will be used as leverage to get control of you later.

The Abusive

This one may be a little simpler to spot. The Bully is motivated by rage and terror. They most certainly will…

  • Utilize physical aggression – or the threat of physical assault
  • Utilize their voice to scare you, whether it is by yelling or speaking in a scary tone of voice.
  • Endanger you
  • Sulk

‘Because they appear or behave aggressively or frighteningly towards you – for example, whispering or appearing furious while making threats – you may feel compelled to comply with their wishes out of fear of the repercussions,’.

‘ The Bully thrives on conflict and may use his or her body language to terrify you.

‘They may exhibit additional severe aggressive behaviors, such as cracking their knuckles, tapping their foot or fingers, gritting their teeth, gazing at you, or giving you nasty glances and/or sneaky smiles.

‘The Bully may subject you to a variety of physical assaults

‘Typically, the Bully feels they have the right to control their relationship, that they have some sort of ownership or “right of entitlement” over them; For example, if their partner does anything they consider “bad,” the Bully feels the other should be punished.

‘They see no use in debating or negotiating; they will just compel you without hesitation.

‘Bullies frequently assume they are the dominating partner and their partner is the weaker one — regardless of gender.’

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