WooCommerce Amazon: Everything to Know!

.WooCommerce works perfectly with all kinds of sales models. Many people turn towards this open-source e-commerce plugin to customize their web stores.

When you sell all your items or products through the Amazon Sellers Program, WooCommerce can be an ideal choice for you. It can help you personalize your customers’ shopping experience and can surely take your business to another level.

How WooCommerce Lets You Sell on Amazon?

With the WooCommerce Amazon plugin, the selling and listing of products or items will not be time-consuming or confusing. Under this section, you learn how WooCommerce will enable you to sell on Amazon.

  1. Profile Based Item Upload:

    Create your profile and map out the Amazon categories to the WooCommerce store. That way, the product profile will upload all the products on Amazon effectively and efficiently.

  2. Item Category Mapping:

    Through the WooCommerce Amazon plugin, you can now map out all the various item categories of the store to just one category on Amazon through the product category mapping. This will increase the opportunity of representing your items in the most relevant category.

  3. Configurable and Simple Product Upload:

    You can upload configurable and simple products through the WooCommerce store on Amazon. This will surely provide you with more control over the product management and upload.

  4. Reject Item Notification: 

    If your products or items are rejected from getting listed at the Amazon marketplace, you get a notification about the same on the admin panel at WooCommerce. It will also contain the cause or reason behind the rejection.

  5. Synchronized List and Profile-Based Pricing:

    This plugin can connect WooCommerce to Amazon, which will help you synchronize the inventory regularly between the Amazon marketplace and the WooCommerce store. On the other hand, profile-based pricing will let you decrease or increase the product price. This will help the product price to stay competitive in the Amazon marketplace.

  6. Computerized Synchronization:

    Just like how the eBay Amazon Inventory Management software can help you synchronize all the products, the WooCommerce web store can do the same. You can automatically synchronize your refund, product listing, order, return, pricing, and inventory regularly between the Amazon marketplace and the WooCommerce store.

  7. Notifications on New Orders:

    You will get all the updates on all the new orders once the order gets fetched on the WooCommerce store. It will also help the seller stay well-updated on all the recent orders.

  8. Bulk Upload Method:

    This particular service is the most prominent solution that will help you stay away from all the hassles of operational overload during the time of item uploading.

  9. Proof of Product Data:

    This feature can help you validate all the product information according to the standards set up by Amazon.

  10. Notifications on Mistakes:

    When an error occurs while you upload all your items/products, it will be recorded. The admin of the WooCommerce store will also be notified of the error. The error will appear in the form of a button on the grid.

  11. Support:

    The WooCommerce plugin can provide you with help along with yearly upgrades for free. You can get them right from the date of acquisition.

  12. Accessing Personal Account Manager:

    You will gain access to an account manager when you integrate WooCommerce with the Amazon marketplace. This individual will help you properly navigate and teach you how to utilize the extension.

Last Words

Connecting WooCommerce with Amazon can help you quickly upload and sell all your products from the WooCommerce store to the Amazon marketplace.

You can manage the store with a single dashboard and stay ahead of your competitors. Besides, linking your WooCommerce store with Amazon also helps you get notifications when your products get rejected or if there is an error.

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