Why do you need to beautify vape cartridge boxes?

Vape is a much-loved and widely-used smoking accessory, Vape Cartridge Boxes. It is popular among young and old alike, and its usage transcends boundaries. One of the reasons it is gaining acceptance worldwide is that it is less harmful than regular smoking. Many vape users believe it is perfectly harmless, which is not the case. But whatever be the reason behind its popularity, we are here to talk about vape cartridge boxes and the reasons you need to beautify them.

Why do you need to beautify vape cartridge boxes?

There can be tons of reasons to embellish vape cartridge boxes with adornments and aesthetic enhancements. Consumers around the world prefer custom boxes over traditional ones, and there are valid reasons behind them so let’s begin exploring them in the context of vape cartridge boxes.

Vape Cartridge Boxes
Vape Cartridge Boxes

The vape user loves beautiful packaging:

A vape user is an upwardly mobile man with a discerning taste in things in life. He will appreciate a vape presented to him in an elegantly packed box with fine detailing. He is also a well-to-do individual with enough income at his disposal to spend on the vape. So, he won’t bat an eyelid to pay something extra on a beautifully packaged vape box.

It will help in distinguishing your product:

There is a massive variety of vapes available in the market. They all offer more or less the same type of ingredients and user experiences. In such a scenario, where the products are identical, the packaging can make a difference. The more effort you put in to make it attractive, the better your chances of success. The buyer can purchase it on the strength of its packing.

It will form a positive perception of the product:

When a buyer picks up a box, he is unconsciously weighing the pros of the product he is holding. The same goes for vape cartridge boxes. The buyer will judge the product based on the appearance of its container. If the packaging looks deluxe, he will assume that the product will be high quality. A box needs to give a powerful signal to the potential buyer. Big brands pay special attention to packaging because they know these boxes provide an introduction to their company and their products to the buyer.

The packaging also acts as a marketing tool:

A cape cartridge box has all the information to give to the buyers. Your brand, logo, tagline, etc., everything is there. If you look at it, the box becomes your advertiser. It spreads your name by being just present on the shop’s aisle. It is marketing at its very best with no additional cost, and that is why you need to spend your time and energies on the box to make it more presentable to the general public.

These are some reasons that should compel you to beautify vape cartridge boxes. Now let us see how you can make these boxes more beautiful and unique for the consumers.

Make a statement and use organic sheets:

When you use organic sheets for producing vape cartridge boxes, you automatically give a different vibe to the buyer. Your package will stand out from other containers, and it will also proudly attest to your environmental credentials. The buyers will appreciate your concern for the environment, and it will also work in your favor from a sales point of view.

Use graphics for maximum effect:

Appropriate graphics and images are imperative for creating a wholesome impact on the consumer. These graphics must be inviting, different, and look relevant for a vape box. You cannot put the image of a smiling baby on a vape box. The imagery should resonate with the target market, and they should feel compelled to have a close look at the box. That should be your aim.

Print add-ons are another way to attract buyers:

Print add-ons are different techniques used in printing to pronounce or highlight typography, image, logo, etc. Their practical usage can add to the beauty of your box. It also adds durability to the box as the texts and pictures used by these techniques become almost indelible. These techniques can be summarized as follows;



Stamp foiling

UV spot printing


Shiny finish

Matte coating etc

Let’s talk about colors too:

Colors can also play a decisive role in accentuating the look of vape cartridge boxes. For vape usually people go for dark hues of black, grey, brown, indigo, etc. The dark colors probably go well with something that you smoke. But it is not a cardinal rule. You can deviate from it and play with colors. Make use of colors with light shades. It will give a breath of fresh air to the box.

Choose the right factory for the boxes:

When looking for a manufacturer to produce vape cartridge boxes, look for a factory with a history of producing similar or identical boxes. It will help you judge its quality, and you can also find out any flaws in its production if there are any.

Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory with enough experience under its belt in producing custom vape boxes. You can rely on it and expect excellent results. The company will show you mock-ups in 3D of your box’s design to give you a precise idea of what to expect from it. It ships worldwide and finishes the order in a minimum period. We recommend this factory if you are looking for a custom box manufacturer.


That wraps up our topic on custom vape cartridge boxes. We have tried to highlight the importance of beautifying these boxes and why you should go for them and not regular packages.

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