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Tips To Be An Influencer And Earn Money On YouTube

A new profession has appeared, the “influencers,” the ability to move incredible amounts of people provides a not insignificant world of opportunities for digital marketing and online sales. Here you will know how to earn money and become an influencer by uploading videos to YouTube.

How to be a YouTuber?

Youtube, at the moment, is one of the most famous and used platforms by people. It is ideal for creating content and generating income by making videos. To be a YouTuber, all you need is to have good ideas to connect with the public.

You have to create a channel by entering the platform have a camera and microphone to edit the content on a computer. But, if you start, you are within your rights to create your first content with your phone’s camera if it is high-end.

What equipment do you need?

You will need a good team to have a channel with optimal production. You need a computer on which you can edit your videos. a professional or semi-professional video camera to have good images and good video quality. A microphone is essential because people like to watch videos with fairly clean audio. By having this entire team, all you need is a lot of creativity to create content that people fall in love with.

Topics and audience of your channel

This topic is very important since the topic you decide to work with will be essential to know what audience you want to work with and what audience you want to reach. This means that the topic of the channel will be the factor that determines what kind of audience you are going to have. But, when choosing the topic, it must be one with which you can get along very well.

Edit your videos

Making the recordings may be the easiest part since the part that usually takes the most time is editing all the clicks that are made. Editing is essential, and if you’re just starting out with the project but you don’t know how to edit, you have to use programs that are easy to work with, like InShot, FlexClip, etc.

Create your brand and be constant

Once you start with your YouTube channel, you have to focus on positioning your brand as a YouTuber. The brand is essential because it is the seal that will represent and identify you as a Youtuber. But, the only way to position the brand so that your channel can be recognized is to be constant. At first, it will be hard work, but with perseverance, you can grow the channel in a very significant way.

How to monetize your channel on YouTube

Creating videos on YouTube is a job, and like any job, you need to have a profit to be able to dedicate your time and continue with the project. Monetizing a YouTube channel is not a simple process that will be achieved overnight. For this, certain requirements must be met. However, there are several options to monetize and earn money with your YouTube channel.

Monetization process

The process to be able to monetize a YouTube channel is as follows: First, you have to look for YouTube’s monetization policies and make sure that your channel complies with each one of them. You have to live in a country where the YouTube partner program is available. Your channel must have more than 4,000 hours of reproduction and exceed 1,000 subscribers. And finally, to monetize, make sure you have a verified AdSense account.

Channel memberships

Another way to earn money with your YouTube channel is with memberships. This is a way that people will support your channel with a monthly payment in exchange for special deals that you can offer them.

Super chat

Super chat is the way for people to stand out in a chat when you’re live streaming. It consists of people paying for a super chat so that in this way you can have priority access to what that person is writing to you.

Collaborations with ‘Influencer marketing’ brands

This is the most used way to make money through YouTube. And it is that, if your channel has a relevant reach, many brands will want to buy advertising packages for you to mention them and advertise them on the channel.

Sell products and services on YouTube.

There are topics or niches in which you can specialize to provide learning, offer a product or service. YouTube can be the window through which people who are interested in your niche will find you so that you can sell them your knowledge, product, or service.

Be in the YouTube partner program.

As a YouTuber, you will not be able to monetize any of your videos if you have not been accepted into the ‘YouTube Partner Program.’

This is paramount. Remember, you cannot monetize any video until you have complied with this and become part of the YouTube partner program.

YouTube advertising

YouTube does not pay for subscribers, so if it pays, it is for the number of ads that your subscribers can see while enjoying your content. This has variables that directly affect the profits that you can get.

What type of ad it refers to, whether they will be banners, discoveries, whether or not you can skip, plus the ad’s content or its type is our decision but YouTube itself.

The existing competition, these ads work by bid, that is, the one with the largest advertisers earns more, the large advertisers will always look for the channels with the largest number of subscribers.

Promotional content in your videos

Social networks are a vital tool for large companies to generate effective advertising campaigns in this modern era. They are often always looking for influencers who are willing to promote their products in exchange for monetary compensation.

Other ways to generate income with your YouTube channel

Affiliate programs

This method has become quite popular lately, although you will need a fairly large community of subscribers for it to really work. Many companies may ask you to be part of their affiliate program, which works as follows.

You will be given a unique link made for you and your channel through which your subscribers must access and subscribe to the platform of the company in question.


Crowdfunding platforms have given a twist that cannot be neglected to the concept of donations, which previously did not give good results just by placing a button for your subscribers to donate their contribution to the content creator.

Currently, platforms like Patreon work very well for content creators who offer their subscribers Premium content in exchange for a small donation fee on Patreon.

3 things to consider before becoming an influencer on YouTube

Though these are some other ways to generate income on the YouTube platform, we present the ones that could be easier for you. However, there are many others, such as collaboration with brands or other YouTubers, sponsors of your brand or channel, etc.

Leading a YouTube channel to success requires a lot of patience and effort, maintaining the quality of your content, making sure the audio and video are appropriate and as professional as possible.

You must promote your channel through web pages, social networks, agreements with other YouTubers (this is getting sponsors); all these methods are very useful when you are looking to attract as many people as possible.

You must remember that YouTube belongs to Google. This means that control over your list of subscribers is Google and not you. You must be careful not to break the rules that have been established for you, or you could face closure of your channel. So you would disappear from the internet and all your subscribers plus the work you had developed as well.

How to be a famous influencer on YouTube

To be a famous influencer on YouTube, you need to meet all the requirements mentioned above. You deserve a talent or preparation that allows you to communicate effectively with your audience through persuasion. Constancy and quality content are the factors that will lead you to be a famous influencer.

How to grow your audience

On this occasion, we must repeat the constancy and quality factor. Because if you work constantly and are sharing important quality information, your audience will start to grow progressively.

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