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Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Eyeglass Frame

The choice of eyeglass frames is a responsible event, especially when it comes to optics for vision correction. An ill-fitting product can cause visual impairment. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a frame for glasses that will ideally fit your face and not harm your eye health.

Frame size

Frame size is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing glasses. It is indicated on the side, of the temple area, and consists of several values, the first of which is the width of the area, the second is the size of the bridge, and the third is the parameters of the temple.

There are no standard frame sizes, but you can focus on approximate ranges. So, the smallest size will be between 44 and 48 mm in lens width (the bridge is 18-19 mm, and the temple is from 144 to 146). These are not exact, but very average figures, so it’s still not worth taking them as a basis. Moreover, everything is individual, which means that it is always worth considering non-standard parameters that do not fit into the values ​​​​voiced above.  

How to choose a frame for glasses: 

Basic rules 

The classic rules for choosing glasses are: the correct frame fully corresponds to the face and does not go beyond its frame; the upper part passes below the eyebrow line or slightly covers it.

Incorrectly selected women’s or men’s glasses completely cover the eyebrow or partially cover it with a lens. This option looks sloppy as if someone else’s glasses. Although fashion is changing, even eminent couturiers are now increasingly neglecting this rule. 

Another important detail is the earpieces. Initially, they are always parallel, but when worn, they can shift, which causes additional inconvenience. Therefore, it is important to choose glasses with the optimal size for the temples: they should not put pressure on the head, break in and diverge, and lag far behind the head.  

Bridges on glasses come in two types: the so-called keyhole (in more vintage models) and the saddle. In the latter case, there is no distance between the bridge and the nose, and the glasses fit snugly, while in the first case there should be space. 

There are different types of nose pads. The most popular are conventionally soldered and screwed. The latter is ideal for those who have a wide bridge of the nose, as the screw-in design can be easily moved apart and provide a tighter and more comfortable fit for glasses.  

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How to choose the right frame: additional recommendations 

As for the frames for glasses with diopters, there are special rules. For example, the thickness of the glasses should be taken into account here. Some people think that each frame will fit the glass of any thickness, but this is not entirely true. Some wearing discomfort may be present if a frame that is too thin is used for thick glasses. If the glasses match the thickness of the frame, then they will not fall out of it and look better in profile just like gold cat eye glasses.

The type of diopter also plays an important role. Any glass distorts objects a little: with myopia, glasses reduce the eyes, and with hypermetropia, they increase them. A properly selected form of glasses can neutralize this effect. To do this, with myopia, it is worth using large frames, and with farsightedness – miniature ones. 

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How to choose a frame by material?

As for the material of manufacture, there are no special rules here. The most popular and historically the first were metal frames. They look more refined, and sophisticated, it is a classic that is timeless. Glasses in a metal frame do not attract attention, almost do not stand out on the face, and therefore are perfect for any style of clothing, go well with various accessories, and are generally versatile.  

But metal frames also have disadvantages. All of them are covered with a special coating, which not only makes them more attractive but also protects the skin from contact with metal. However, with constant wear, the coating is erased and the metal may oxidize. 

Plastic glasses have gained popularity not so long ago, especially often they are chosen by the younger generation. They help to emphasize the style and show their individuality. In addition, plastic frames hold glasses better, since one is more pliable and has good elasticity. Plastic eyeglass frames come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and often become the centerpiece of a fashionable look due to their design.

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