Myths About VPS Hosting You Need To Brush Off

VPS HostingVirtual private server hosting is a type of hosting service which enables websites to get more than they were able to get in a shared environment. These hosting services are an improved version of shared hosting where websites get better bandwidths and resources. But these hosting services are not better than a dedicated host. People choose such hosting services when they want something better than a shared host and less expensive than a dedicated host.

Going for such options create a number of misconceptions and myths in people’s mind leading them to opt for the wrong options. It is very important to debunk these myths and clear all the misunderstandings that people have in their minds regarding a virtual private host. Websites with medium traffic need to debunk these VPS host myths and opt for these services to ensure their websites are up and alive without affecting their users.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with some provocative VPS hosting myths that you need to brush off for better hosting decisions.

Top 6 VPS Hosting Myths You Shouldn’t Pay Attention To

The hosting service that uses virtualization technology to host websites is the VPS hosting service. These hosting services provide a virtual dedicated server for the websites that are in a shared environment. These technologies and concepts are still not clear to many, which makes them reluctant to opt for these hosts. It is crucial to know these technologies and how do they work to debunk and clear all the myths and misconceptions.

Following are some VPS hosting myths people believe they need to stop believing in to ensure they opt for the right host for their websites.

1. VPS hosting is expensive

One of the biggest myths and misconceptions of all time about the virtual private host is that they are expensive and not affordable. These hosting services are the most affordable ones after a shared host. These services become expensive when you demand extra services, packages, and offers from the host, but these expenses are worth it as they are beneficial in the long run. Several hosts offer VPS services at affordable rates without affecting the security of websites. You can hire the VPS hosting Dubai services to debunk these myths and enjoy affordable yet quality hosting services.

2. VPS hosting is difficult to use

It is true that VPS hosting is complex when we compare it with a shared host, but it does not mean that you should avoid opting for such services. These hosts have easy user control panels that let you manage your website by giving you full control. Moreover, you can also hire the hosting services that will take charge to manage your websites on their end without letting you get into the complexities.

3. Migrating to VPS is difficult

The fear of migrating from one host to another is the only reason there are still some websites that are hosted by poor hosts. These myths have made people believe that they might lose their data or cause damage to their website’s security while migrating. But these are mere myths, as there are no security threats in migrating to VPS hosts. Your websites will be more secure with a VPS host than they were with a shared host.

4. VPS and shared hosting are the same

There is a significant difference between shared and vps hosts, which people fail to understand and consider these two as the same. In reality, a VPS host is far different from a shared host because it imitates a dedicated hosting service. The websites are surely hosted by a common server, but all the websites will have their virtual environment getting access to their part of server resources.

5. It is not a secure hosting service

The concept of virtualization in the VPS hosting service makes it difficult for people to believe that they are secure hosts. People consider these hosts as dangerous to their websites as the shared hosts. But in reality, despite having a shared server, all the websites in that shared environment will not be affected by other websites due to the virtualization technology. Certain VPS hosts offer you firewall and malware protection safety services to ensure your websites are safe from hackers.

6. VPS hosts are only for tech-savvy users

Another myth that confuses people from opting for such hosts is that they are difficult to manage and control. It is far from reality that VPS is only for tech-savvy users or Linux users that have higher technical expertise. But in reality, there is no need to be a technical expert to manage these hosts because of their user-friendly control panel. You can also hire the VPS hosting Dubai services to free you from the complexities of managing the hosts and websites at affordable rates.

Get the best hosting services for your websites!

If you are looking for a host to host your website and could not decide which option to go for, then you need to reach out to the expert hosting services. These hosting services will provide you with a host that could well cater to your needs and demands. If you are looking for a better host than a shared one and an affordable host than a dedicated one, you must go for the VPS host. Make sure you are acquiring these services from trustworthy hosting providers to ensure your websites are secure and have no issues regarding their performance.

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