List of Daily Exercises for Defence Aspirants


Soldiers don’t need weapons because they are weapons themselves. When you look at soldiers’ well-kept bodies, do you ever think “how”? It’s not going to happen in a day or two. Cadets get rigorous training in academies, which helps them become stronger and more dexterous. As a defence aspirant, staying strong and healthy is important. You need to inculcate the habit of exercising during your preparation period. Believe it or not, regular exercise can serve you a slew of benefits. In this article, we have highlighted the list of daily exercises for defence aspirants. If you have made up your mind to join the Indian defence forces, then note that it is important to maintain physical fitness. Always remember, you need to channel through physical efficiency tests to enter the Indian defence forces.

Every year a swarm of youngsters flock to Indian defence forces with the intention to serve their motherland. Are you amongst them? If yes, then for which defence exam will you appear? Is it the CDS exam? If so, then start exam preparation under the guidance of an ideal institute that can provide CDS coaching in Chandigarh. While preparing for the written exam, don’t forget that you have to clear the physical efficiency tests as well. Note that you need a solid physique to quality the efficiency tests. You can do some easy exercises everyday to keep yourself fit and fine.

Here is a list of simple exercise every defence aspirant can do daily to maintain physical fitness:

Exercising simply means moving your body. There are a number of benefits of regular exercise. Well, you can do the following exercises daily if you want to become physically strong to enter the Indian defence forces.

  • Stretching or warm-up exercise

Brisk walking (walking quickly) or jogging are good warm-up workouts. Stretching exercises might include everything from standing toe touches to side stretches to cross-border arm stretches. You can do this exercise before doing a complicated exercise. This exercise warms up your body and you will feel active within few minutes. If you don’t want to do any other exercise, then simply go for a morning walk and do some stretching. For sure, it can aid in relieving you from body pains and headaches. Make sure you walk for at least 40 minutes in a day if you are not doing any other exercise.

  • Push-ups 

This is equally important as running when it comes to workouts. For example, at the IMA, you ought to do “even more than you can (min 14) in under a minute.” Beginners should begin with 3-5 pushups per day and progressively increase the number of reps by 5 or 10 each day. Keeping track of your progress is an excellent way to maintain your dedication, or as we like to call it, “josh.” Push ups aid enhancing your stamina and patience. Also, it helps in maintaining ideal body weight.

  • Planks 

Though there are various variants, a simple plank for 5 minutes three times a day might be beneficial. Planking is a core-strengthening activity. It helps your posture and balance as well as working on your back, arms, and shoulder muscles. So, do you know how to do a plank? Look, it’s really simple. Just  bend your elbows, place your weight on your forearms, and keep your body in a straight line from head to toe. Now attempt to hold the posture for at least a minute. It is really hard for beginners. But, by the time it gets easy.

  • Skipping 

This is a reminiscence of the P.T. hours at school. The nicest thing is that you’ve known about this since you were a kid. This may have been a fun way to pass the time back then. But,  it aids in  improving your footwork, coordination, and balance. Also, it  increases your toughness and endurance. Note that you don’t need a trainer to guide you. You know exactly how to do skipping. Thus, you can skip regularly for 20 minutes each day. It can help you manage your weight and makes you physically strong.

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  • Swimming 

Swimming is an unavoidable practice at the academies, as any defence candidate knows. Note that swimming is not only vital for survival in the event of an accident in the water, but it also offers numerous additional advantages. Muscle toning, strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and sleep improvement are just a few of these benefits. Well, not everyone is a born swimmer. You may need help from a trainer to learn how to swim. So, seek help from a professional to learn swimming. Once you become a pro swimmer make sure you practice swimming every day. For sure, this thing can help you a lot after joining the forces.

  • Mountain climber 

The emphasis here is on upper-body strength. To name a few advantages, flexibility, cardiovascular health, agility, and coordination come to mind. How to do it? Simply,  begin by bending one knee forward and bringing your foot and hip to the same vertical angle as your pushup position. Return this knee to its original position while bringing the other one forward. This is how you can do this exercise. It can help you build a strong physical health. We would suggest you do this exercise at least one time in a day.

  • Running 

There is no need for a gym, specialised locations, or a trainer for this exercise. Running is the most simple and effective type of exercise. The forces may require you to run 2 kilometres, 4 kilometres, or even 40 kilometres. So, how well prepared are you? You might begin by sprinting (400 metres or fewer) and gradually increase the distance.

  • Sit-ups 

Sit-ups are a common component of ab training. These promote flexibility and posture while also focusing on abdominal muscle tightening. Let us tell you how to do that: Lay on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees bent to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Raise your back slightly and move your head closer to your knees. Before repeating, hold the pose for 2-5 seconds.

It is imperative to do regular exercise if you are aiming to crack the AFCAT exam. To ace written exams, you can join a leading institute that can offer AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


To join the Indian defence forces, you need to have strong intellect as well as good physique. So, you can do the aforementioned exercises to keep yourself physically fit.

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