Indoor Activities Ideas in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most crucial cities in Canada. It is a hub for businesses and a playground for entrepreneurs. The ecosystem of Calgary is such that it nurtures innovation and gives space for ideas, no matter big or small, to grow into empires. But, as important as work is for residents of Calgary, play and relaxation are equally important. As they say, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, which is why it is important that sometimes teams, families or friends go out for a day of fun and thrilling activities. For those who are planning to spend a day doing anything but work without having to worry about the weather, this article has made a list of indoor activities in Calgary which are great for any group of people. These places and activities keep everyone entertained, stimulate their intellectual side, and burn some energy. Everyone in the group will definitely love these attractions where they get to jump around, be a pilot, or dive into the art and cultural history regardless of sun, rain, hail, or snow.

Science Parks

Science centers are always fun regardless of your age. With hundreds of interactive experiences like live science demos with amazing facilitators, lying on a bed of nails, and open studios where visitors get to create and explore their inner scientists, science parks are a great way to spend a day doing nothing while learning a lot. Some science parks even have theatres where films are broadcast periodically and have food parks inside the park. Science parks are an easy way of spending several hours of the day without getting bored.

Music Centers

For those who love music and want to spend their day exploring the rich musical history of Canada, Music Centers are a place to be. With the mission to give Canadians a place that amplifies the love and understanding they share for music, they wish to be a catalyst for innovation and renewal through music. They are home to musical artifacts and host several exhibitions, and visitors get a chance to make some music themselves. Visitors also get to explore the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame all in one place. You wouldn’t realize it, but a significant part of the day would have passed by the time you explored all of this.

Flight Simulation

It is not every day you get to say that you have flown a flight. This unique experience is available to the general public of Calgary for recreational purposes. They have access to different simulations of different flights and scenarios. There is no requirement for any prior experience or training. The experience can be customized based on the needs of the group.

Indoor Biking

Who says biking is only for the outdoors? With Calgary’s indoor biking parks, it can also happen indoors. With the playground equipped with specific features and tracks, cyclists of every skill level can enjoy the day riding around on their bikes. Different tracks for different levels of bikers are available within the park; bikers can stick to the beginner’s track while experienced riders can practise flips and tricks on foam pits. People can drop in on the day with their bikes, or they can rent bikes, helmets and pads on the site.

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is one of the must-visit places in Calgary. It is a landmark site signifying the rich history of the city. Built in 1875, it continues to be an important part of Calgary’s story to this day. People tour this exciting site with interactive exhibits and replicas of the original Canadian Pacific Railway Station, barracks, and Calgary Herald newspaper. There is also the option of interactive tours of the fort.

Calgary Tower

The primary reason to visit the Calgary tower is for the spectacular 360-degree view that changes according to the weather. This place is the best to capture Calgary from 191 meters above downtown cost. This place also flaunts the famous glass floor where visitors test their courage. The tower also features a theatre room on the observation deck. It has a curved wall video experience projecting original short films and aerial footage of Alberta.

Spruce Meadows

It is an internationally recognized equestrian facility that hosts a series of indoor tournaments between October and March every year. There are annual fests that take place each season, providing people with the perfect opportunity to witness a world-class show up close and indoors. The tournament schedules change, but this is one of the best indoor activities that should not be missed.

All of these activities are immersive experiences that every member of your troupe will enjoy equally. Not only are these enjoyable, but most of them are also educational as well. They are fit for team building, corporate, family and friends’ outings or even a lazy Sunday. However, keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, make sure you learn of the Covid-19 restrictions and adhere to them.


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