How do I troubleshoot a Wi-Fi error in my printers?

Troubleshoot a Wi-Fi error in my printer

Wi-Fi compatibility is a feature of new printers. You can connect your printer to a computer or phone using either the Wi-Fi direct or the shared network. You can add the printer directly to your home network. Then, access one printer from all devices. The printer may have problems connecting to Wi-Fi. This error could be caused by printer settings issues or router problems.

Common reasons for printer Wi-Fi connection errors

  1. The physical WPS pin is not currently available
  2. Your phone and/or tablet are not compatible
  3. Your printer connection is being blocked by the firewall
  4. You’re using an unsecured internet connection
  5. The router does not have the printer in its range
  6. Wi-Fi does not work on printers/PC

Troubleshooting printer Wi-Fi connection error

Run a printer troubleshooter

Use the printer troubleshooter if the printer displays a Wi-Fi error or a connection problem. This tool checks for any printer-related issues. Navigate to the Printer Troubleshooter on your PC. Also visit the printer repair service in dubai. Start your tool, and it will search for the problem. The tool will automatically repair any errors and you can then connect to the printer via Wi-Fi.

Examine the Wi-Fi settings

If the Wi-Fi settings do not match, your device will experience errors. You must change the Wi-Fi settings to connect the printer. Check the screen of your printer by going to its location. Select the menu button to go-to the connection. Choose Wireless connection setting, then hit the Wi-Fi option. You will now need to activate the Wi-Fi button on your printer. To search the network, tap on the button. Within 2 minutes, activate your WPS pin on the router. The printer will begin searching for networks in the area. You can then choose your network from the list. Take the printed copies once the printer is connected.

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Repair the printer software

You can share the printer over the network so that you can access it from multiple devices. The driver is required to send commands to the printer. Before you search for the printer via the network, make sure that the driver is installed. Install the printer software if you do not have it. Look for the model number and name of your printer. You can search the internet for its driver and then install it on your device. Search the printer once you have completed installation. Once the driver is found, the printer will begin receiving commands. You can update your driver if you have one but it is still Brother printer not working . Install the latest update by opening the driver. Reinstall the driver if you find that the files have become corrupted. You should first remove the corrupted printer software from your computer and then install a new driver.

Use the USB cable

Try the USB cable if your printer displays a WiFi error. Check that the printer is connected to a wired network. The Wi-Fi setting may be corrupted if the printer is responding to commands. If the printer does not work in a wired connection, check for other errors. Any other issue related to printer visit printer repair dubai. Malware can sometimes interrupt the connection. On PC, run a malware scan. Personal antivirus can be used to remove all types of malware from your computer. Wait for the malware scan to complete. Restart your device, and then reconnect the printer via Wi-Fi.

Reset your printer device

Incorrect settings can cause your printer to experience Wi-Fi connection problems. This error is common after making any printer changes. Reverting changes can correct the error. People often forget to set the printer’s settings. You can reset the printer device to fix this problem. Your printer will return to its original settings after you reset it. It can be reconfigured with the PC, and you can take printouts. Click on Settings to check the printer screen. Select Factory reset and choose the reset option. The factory settings will be displayed on your printer. Connect the printer to your network. Find the network and add your printer. Once connected, the printer will begin printing the documents.

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Verify the router

The correct password is required to connect the printer to your network. Check the password again to make sure it is correct. Never connect the printer with an open network. You can then connect to the printer by securing your Wi-Fi network with a password. You can reset the printer if you forget your printer password. Use the default password to connect. Set a new password to secure your printer device after connection.

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