How to stable internet downloading speed?

Stable internet downloading speed

Numerous things can be a factor to slow download speed and finding out the original issue to your slow connection can occasionally be complicated. Though it might be a simple solution like inspecting your internet speed or rebooting your computer, some fixes are more challenging.

Following are the steps you should take in order to make your internet downloading speed stable

Restarting your computer

Many a times, it happens that a few programs keep running in the background and use the resources of your device. Restarting a computer will make sure all the programs running in the background are shut down and the window resumes anew. This method helps get rid of extra background resources using internet and slowing down your downloading speed.  

Disconnect other devices connected with your network

While downloading, the internet might be slowed down because of other devices connected to the same internet connection. As your device requires a healthy measure of bandwidth to download the contents speedily, you must get rid of all other devices using the same internet connection in order to get rid of slow internet and reduced bandwidth. These other devices include TV, iPad, laptops etc.

Internet speed test

Running a speed test might clarify if the slow internet speed is due to the issues regarding your device or the internet itself. You can run an internet speed test online by third party services. Upon testing, they will let you know the internet speed of your internet connection by giving a speed score. If that score lies somewhere between 100 to 200 Mbps, the speed is fast, and the issue might be your device. But if the speed score is below 100 Mbps, the internet itself has slow speed and you must talk to your internet service provider. The internet speed may vary on the basis of the number of users using the same internet connection.

Reduce to single downloads at a time

In many cases, you might try to download multiple files at a single time which results in reduced download speed and more time consumption. This might happen because your device is not compatible to downloading large files. Downloading one file at a time can improve the download speed and it take less time to complete the download from the web to your local device.  

Use Ethernet

Downloading over a Wi-Fi may seem like a challenging task as it takes a lot of time and has slow internet speed. The reason behind this issue can be the use of same internet connection over multiple devices. In such cases, it is best to plug in an ethernet cable directly to your computer form the modem. Ethernet cable provides fastest and cheapest internet which takes less time to download the files from web or other sources.

Change router location

Router location can be a major issue when it comes to internet speed. The router must be located at the central point of your house to ensure the complete and enhanced coverage of internet signals at every nook of your house. If the router is located at such a position where internet signals can not reach your device, it is highly likely your internet speed is going to be affected hence reducing the download speed as well increasing the time taken to download.

Disable the idle applications

While downloading make sure no idle applications are running even the ones in the background. Cut down on your extra tasks while downloading to ensure speedy downloads. The application like Netflix uses a lot of internet bandwidth resulting in reduced internet speeds. Such activities often contribute to the slower internet because of their usage in the internet bandwidth.

Virus Scan

Viruses on your computer can trigger a large number of problems. These malwares can operate in the background, making use of your internet and raising your bandwidth usage, which causes slow download speed. To avoid this, regard installing antivirus software to safeguard yourself from viruses, malware, and various other online risks.

Cache clearance

Cache helps assist your website browsers and apps to load faster and save internet data. In many cases, the browser cache becomes full causing internet speed to slow down and taking extra time to download data files. Clearing cache not only increases the internet download speed but also saves time. If you don’t want to clear your cache completely, you can clear a few selected items to remove including your browsing history, website cookies, and other files and images stored in cache. Moreover, if you want to clear your cache regularly, you might also want to download browser plugins to make things easier.  

Restrict bandwidth usage

Apart from installing virus detectors, you might also want to restrict how much bandwidth is being use on your device. Bandwidth is a measurement that indicates to the quantity of data that can be transmit within a network. All of the applications, downloads, and updates that occur on our web can take up our bandwidth, affecting download speed to abruptly slow down. If this is the case, physically deactivate automated updates by navigating to your device’s system preferences. You can also manually restrict how much bandwidth is being used by updating your device settings.


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