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How do you attract nail clients?

Master of manicure is a promising creative profession that quickly pays off the investment and brings good earnings working in a beauty salon. But, as in other professional fields, difficulties await at the beginning of the journey. You can have all the necessary knowledge and skills, but still have a low flow of customers, because nail service is not that easy industry. This is a professional service where you need to be patient and friendly with customers.

The competition among self-employed nail artists seems to be frighteningly high, but in fact, not all of them use effective tools to attract clients. So if you start applying them, you will already be one step ahead! In this article, we will tell you how to build a customer base as soon as possible.

How to attract clients for a manicure?

  • Manicure to friends and acquaintances. Despite the fact that we live in the era of the Internet, word of mouth remains one of the most significant methods today.
  • Advertisements on websites and social networks. There are many platforms where you can place an ad with a profitable offer and attract new customers.
  • Social media management. Today it is impossible to imagine the promotion of some services without social networks, especially in the beauty industry, where the visual component is in the foreground.
  • Targeted advertising. This method works if you understand how targeting works and if you combine it with cool content.
  • Cooperation with masters of related fields. This option goes well with the active maintenance of social networks. You can mutually subscribe to a photographer, stylist, or designer, conduct joint workshops and support each other with reposts, thereby uniting your audiences.
  • Agreement with large commercial companies. The essence of this method is to offer the company a corporate manicure, for example, for a holiday as a gift to employees. So you will immediately get a lot of customers and, possibly, the prospect of long-term cooperation.
  • Contextual advertising. In the service industry, landing pages are often used to attract customers, where a description of the service and a unique offer are given. There is also a form where potential client can leave their contacts for communication or an appointment. Landing pages are often promoted using contextual advertising. This item is far from always suitable for novice masters since it requires more investment than the previous ones, as well as the involvement of several specialists. But, if you have the opportunity and desire, this is a great addition to the strategy.

We have given the main ways to find customers. You can, of course, put up ads on the street, throw business cards in mailboxes, but these methods are already outdated. It is not always possible to use all the tools from the list, especially at the start. Where should a beginner in the profession start?

We attract clients for manicures (nail): step-by-step instructions.

  • Step 1. Call relatives and friends. If you are still at the start of your career path, invite your friends, acquaintances and relatives for a manicure. Firstly, the bar of their expectations will not be very high, you will feel calmer. Secondly, they can be asked to bring someone else. At this stage, it is important to warn clients that the procedure will take longer than in the salon since you are still a beginner. With each manicure you will feel more confident and gain momentum, it will be possible to gradually increase the number of clients.
  • Step 2. Create a portfolio with quality photos of your work. Word of mouth can be intermittent, and in order to reach customers through other channels, you need to package your offer nicely. No matter how gorgeous your manicure is, it is useless to promote services online if the photos are tasteless or of poor quality. Learn how to take pictures that maximize the coolness of your work. This skill will definitely help you develop a base and constantly replenish it. To feel confident in photo content, you can look for suitable lessons.

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