About Heart Valve Replacement Surgery in India


Heart valve replacement is performed under general anesthesia in India. A few hours before the operation, the patient is given general anesthesia. This is done to make the patient fall asleep so they don’t feel uncomfortable.
Because valve replacement surgery is a type of open heart surgery, doctors make a long incision in the chest to gain access to the heart. The pieces are usually at least 25 centimeters long.

However, in some cases, several small incisions can be made. They are usually performed when minimally invasive surgery is preferred over open heart surgery.

Heart valve surgery in India is performed on a heart that is not beating. Therefore, before removing the diseased valve, the surgeon connects the heart to a heart white bypass machine. This is an artificial arrangement that makes the body need oxygen by mimicking normal heart function.

The surgeon then removes the damaged or diseased valve and replaces it with a prosthetic valve. Depending on the patient’s needs.

The following two types of valves can be used to replace a faulty valve:

Mechanical: These valves are made of artificial or artificial materials such as steel, ceramic or titanium. This valve has a longer service life. But the patient was forced to take blood-thinning medication for the rest of his life.

Biological: These valves are made of tissue derived from humans or animals. They usually last for 15 years and patients do not need to take anticoagulants for the rest of their lives.

After replacing the diseased valve with a new one, the cardiopulmonary bypass device is removed and normal heart function is restored. The chest incision is closed and the patient is transferred to the recovery room.
Balloon aortic valve surgery is a surgical alternative to heart valve replacement for aortic valve stenosis. However, this procedure is only performed on children and adolescents.

The elderly should not be treated with balloon aortic valvuloplasty because they can develop stenosis again several months after the procedure.


Most people can lead healthy lives after valve replacement surgery. The success of heart valve replacement is very high in India compared to other countries in the world and it clearly shows how successfully the patient can recover after surgery.

As a rule, patients are recommended to take several medications for several weeks after surgery. Depending on the patient’s condition and recovery, the duration of treatment can be reduced or completely eliminated.
The patient should see the doctor according to the recommended follow-up plan. During a follow-up visit, the doctor may order several tests to check for tissue healing and monitor the function of the new valve.

The best heart hospitals in India guarantee a speedy recovery by helping patients get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. Moreover, the best heart hospitals in India have state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities that help patients get on with their lives in no time. Specialized care is available 24 hours a day for heart patients, giving them the feeling of being guided and loved in a special way.


Every year, India’s best heart valve replacement surgeons treat thousands of aortic stenosis patients at home and abroad. As a result, the country is world-renowned for its team of cardiologists and surgeons.
India has secured the first place in the list of countries with best heart care. This is partly due to the 24/7 availability of the best medical advice from some of the most experienced cardiologists.


Valve replacement surgery is a common but complex medical procedure performed to replace diseased heart valves with new mechanical or biological valves. If left untreated, diseased valves can lead to unintended consequences such as heart failure, heart failure, stroke, and blood clots.

Heart valve replacement cost in India is less than two thirds of western countries and even cheaper than other medical tourist spots such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. This is the main reason why patients from abroad prefer to have this surgery in India.

There are several other benefits of heart valve replacement surgery in India. This includes the best surgeons, 24/7 care, use of the best technology and a higher success rate.

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