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Face Primer Varieties – Which One Should You Buy?

Face primer is fundamentally the first step in creating an alluring makeup look. A primer gives one’s makeup a velvety, smooth base to cling onto and helps it stay smudge-proof and impeccable throughout the day. It can be safely said that a good face primer is a must in every women’s makeup kit. There are unending options available in the market which promise to keep your makeup in place throughout the day or guarantee pore reduction. While some swear that they will add glow to your face making it look supple, others keep oil at bay. Finding the perfect primer that works wonders for you and your skin can often be daunting. While selecting a suitable face primer, one must always pay attention to their skin type and texture, any underlying skin issues, and the environment they will be wearing them.

Choosing a Suitable Primer for your Skin 

Primers form a protecting layer on your skin, and every primer is unique and suits a particular skin type the most. One must keep the following points in mind before investing in a primer. 

  • If you have an oily skin type 

If you suffer from extreme stickiness and excess sebum production, look for primers that provide a matte finish. Find one that would help control oil production, like dimethicone. Silicone-based primers bolster smoothening your skin and blur pores to make them less noticeable. In addition, it is an oily-skin saver as it helps get rid of that excess shine and greasiness in one swift swipe. 

  • If you have a dry skin type 

Parched and dehydrated skin can make the wearing foundation a troublesome task as it settles into the fine lines, which gives a flaky appearance. Choosing a hydrating primer that nourishes your skin is a must. While picking a primer for this skin type, one must look for terms like ‘soothing”, “hydrating,” or “replenishing.’ Primers with a creamy texture can leave your skin with a glamorous velvety finish and add a supple bounce. 

  • If you have a combination skin type 

Women who have an oily T-zone and overall dry skin are often conflicted about which face primer they should buy. Using a primer with a neutral naturally-smoothening formula can be beneficial. Alternatively, use a luminous primer for the rest of the face, and a mattifying one for the greasier parts works best. 

Try Lotus Herbals Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer. It is infused with Japanese Sakura, and Vitamin E provides you with a subtle natural glow. Besides, it has a rich antioxidant level and soothing properties that combat the effects of free radical damage. The best part is- It is suitable for all skin types. 

Benefits of Using a Primer 

Despite following lengthy skincare and makeup regime, many people skip primers. Yet, a primer is one’s holy grail. A primer makeup beautifully preps one’s skin and keeps makeup meltdowns at bay. Here are the significant benefits of using a primer.

  • One-stop solution for fixing pores 

Primers work wonders when sealing your pores. Pores are significantly visible after using a foundation. Primers are a blessing for people with large pores, creating a smooth cushion over them. 

  • Makeup glides on like a dream and lasts longer.

Once you have incorporated primers into your makeup routine, it will be challenging to let go of them. A small amount of primer can go a long way and allow your products to glide on seamlessly. It creates an even clean canvas for all the makeup products that are yet to come. Lotus Herbals Eco Stay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer is your best bet. This primer is a lifesaver. It has a lightweight formulation that blurs out the imperfections, fixes fine lines, and minimises pores. This helps the makeup stay for longer hours. 


A face primer can be rightly said to be sacrosanct in makeup. Therefore, one must incorporate a face primer into everyday face makeup regime to get oil-free glowing skin. It is an absolute game-changer as it can make your makeup last for unbelievably long hours.

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