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Choosing A Lawnmower Which One Is Best For You?

Choosing A Lawnmower Which One Is Best For You?

There are hundreds of lawn mowers on the market, but only a few are easy to use and leave a great finish on your lawn. With this guide to choosing a lawnmower you will be able to find the machine that best suits your needs.

To take into account when buying Lawnmower

A good starting point for knowing what type of lawnmower to buy can be answering these questions:

How big is your lawn? Are you looking for a model that is ideal for quickly mowing a small area? Or do you want a more powerful mower that is capable of cutting long grass and a large area?

How tall or strong are you? Some lawnmowers have a height-adjustable handlebar to make them more comfortable to use. Self-propelled gas mowers with key start are much easier to use than heavy models that have to be pushed.

Where do you want to use your lawn mower? Are you planning to get a model that works well on a slope or can maneuver around trees and ponds?

How much space do you have to store the mower? Folding handlebar models can be stored in tight spaces.

Types of Lawnmower

1. Electric corded lawn mowers

If you’re on a budget of $100-$200, there are plenty of corded electric lawnmowers that are easy to use and can tackle long, wet grass effectively. Look for one with grass combs and inset front wheels so you can cut right to the edge of the lawn.

Corded electric rotary lawn mowers are a good choice for a family lawn.

Advantages of electric lawn mowers

Corded electric rotary lawn mowers are often the cheapest option. Electric lawn mowers are a great option for a family lawn as they can cut through areas of tall grass. In addition, almost all models include a basket to collect the remains of cut grass, so it is not lazy to have to go through it frequently to always have a perfect garden.

Disadvantages of electric lawnmowers

Cord tends to tangle around edges and you may need an extension cord to reach all areas of your garden.

2. Gasoline lawnmower

These machines are priced between 250 and 500 euros. Gasoline lawnmowers are very powerful and have a great work capacity.

Advantages of gasoline lawnmowers

They are ideal for mowing large areas and mowing rough, drier grass. As they do not have a power cable, they allow you to easily reach more remote areas and easily go around large obstacles such as trees or swimming pools

Disadvantages of gasoline lawnmowers

Gasoline lawn mowers are heavier and some are quite difficult to maneuver.

Lawn Mower-Gasoline

3. Robotic lawnmower

If the thought of mowing the grass makes you want to sink further into the sofa, then you might consider a robotic lawnmower that does the work for you. These devices are good alternatives to walk-behind mowers, as some can cover up to 5,000 square meters. They are ideal for anyone who wants to keep their lawn tidy with minimal effort. Also for anyone who has health issues with pushing a heavy mower.

This type of lawnmower can be programmed by setting the hours at which you want the robot to mow the lawn. It also allows you to delimit the work area, so that you do not accidentally cut other flowers or plants that you have in the garden.

Some models have smart features, which mean you can control and configure the device from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The robotic Chainsaws in Anderson SC lawnmowers have a charging base to which they will automatically return when the batteries are almost empty or when you have finished mowing the grass. Please note that the base requires mains power, so do not place it too far from a power outlet.

Advantages of the robotic lawnmower

It’s completely self-contained once you’ve set it up. It is not necessary to empty the lawn, it loads automatically and the lawn mowing can be programmed.

Disadvantages of the robotic lawnmower

It is an expensive type of lawnmower. Sometimes it can be tricky to adjust your perimeter line of work.



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