Check Your Balance on the Go: A Guide to Online Fastag Recharge

The introduction of FASTags has majorly impacted the national highways of our nation in a very positive manner. This is because it has been able to reduce a lot of congestion and enhance the overall;l travel experience for all vehicle owners. Moreover, if you plan to buy a new vehicle, this online FASTag now comes pre-affixed to your new vehicle. 

The days when people actually used to keep cash or change in their car for tolls are way behind us. With FASTag technology, one doesn’t even need to open the car’s window and can pass through the toll plaza within seconds.

What is FASTag?

A FASTag is a Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) introduced by the Government of India in November 2014. This technology came into existence to cut down on the inconvenience the car drivers and the workforce face while approaching the toll plazas while travelling. 

(Tip: You can purchase online FASTag or offline. Go online, it’s easy.)

Based on the RFID technology, a FASTag is affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen and is a prepaid rechargeable tag for toll collection. Moreover, they do not have any expiry date and can be used as long as they are not tampered with and are easily scannable.

What are the pros of FASTag?

  • Saves time

When you have a FASTag, you no longer need to lower the speed of your vehicle at the toll plazas. And since you can keep moving at the toll gates without stopping, your time and fuel will be saved.

  • Easy FASTag recharge online

FASTag can be easily recharged online, and there’s no need to go anywhere. Like I do, I recharge it from my go-to app, i.e. the Bajaj Finserv app (step-by-step guide below). 

  • Track Toll Expenses

It makes it easier for you to keep proper track. Further, you will receive regular notifications every time you make a payment through FASTag. 

  • Environment friendly

FASTag benefits the environment by reducing the use of paper and fuel.

Here is the guide on how to check balance in FASTag and recharge in a few easy steps – 

  1. Download the ‘Bajaj Finserv: UPI, Pay, Loans’ application on your mobile phone.
  2. Open it and go to the Bills & Recharges section.
  3. Under the Recharge section, tap on FASTag.
  4. Select your provider.
  5. Enter your Vehicle Registration Number or Wallet ID
  6. After entering the required details, you’ll see your current balance and maximum allowable payment.
  7. Just below it, you need to enter your desired recharge amount.
  8. Tap on Proceed to Pay, and your FASTag will recharge instantly.
  9. After you register here, you’ll easily see your FASTag balance.

(Tip: Ensure you have adequate balance in your Fastag wallet at all times to avoid inconvenience.)

I personally believe that as the facility of FASTag recharge online is so convenient, one should make sure that it has adequate balance to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Moreover, it is essential to remember that the Government of India has made it clear that an individual will be bound to pay the double fee if there is no FASTag on their vehicle. 

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