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Our valuation services include both formal and informal business valuations services, going concern valuations and stock valuations. We also provide Fairness Opinions to evaluate a proposed transaction.

For an established business or one with a long operating history, we can develop a valuation through analysis of historical data, including financial statements and tax returns. For early-stage, pre-revenue businesses, we can develop a valuation using your projections for the company’s future growth.

We consider following points :-

Here at A Plus Company Valuation, we know that business owners are looking for a way to value their business. The question is, how do they go about it?

In the past, business owners may have turned to the services of an appraiser or broker to help determine the worth of their company. However, there were several problems with this approach. First, these services were not affordable for most small business owners. Second, even if a business owner could afford them, it would take a long time for them to receive results from an appraisal or broker. Even then, the results would not necessarily be accurate because they were based on data from a single source.

Solution is our new service

The solution is our new service: With this service, you can get an accurate valuation of your company in less than two weeks!

Business valuation is a fundamental process in business management and when done by experienced professional business valuers, the value that can be derived from such a service can be priceless. The accurate valuation of a business is not as simple as it may seem to many. It is a complex process that involves multiple factors and inputs. This is where engaging a professional valuer will help.

Most suitable business valuation method

A professional valuer will use the most suitable valuation method to value your business, taking into consideration all applicable factors to arrive at a thorough, credible and accurate valuation of the company.

  • Reliability and accuracy of the valuation report are essential for various purposes including for:
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Buying or Selling of Businesses & Assets
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Planning/Strategy Formulation
  • Setting up Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)

Financing – bank loans, venture capital financing etc…

Our Services include the provision of valuation reports for various purposes including:

  • – Mergers and Acquisitions
  • – Sale and Purchase of Businesses
  • – Shareholder’s Agreements
  • – Family Law Matters
  • – Redundancy Payments (Employment Act)
  • – Partnership Disputes
  • – Loan Security and Collateral

There are many reasons for valuing a business:

Divorce: To determine the value of a business; the business owner’s share of the marital assets.

Partnership disputes: When there is a dispute or disagreement between partners, the value of their shares needs to be determined. The solution may be to buy out one partner or restructure the partnership agreement.

Incorporation: A business owner who wants to incorporate his existing sole proprietorship or partnership must have his / her business assessed and valued as part of the incorporation process. The business will have to be re-valued every time it changes hands, whether by sale, inheritance, or gift.

Restructuring purposes

Financing: For expansion or restructuring purposes; buying new equipment;

  • Our Valuation Services
  • We offer a comprehensive range of valuation services which include:
  • Business Valuations
  • Share Valuations
  • Intellectual Property Valuations
  • Property and Plant & Machinery Valuations
  • Investment Portfolio and Securities valuations, etc.


Business is a dynamic process. It is constantly changing and evolving. The business environment is also ever-changing. This means that the value of a business will also change over time. 

For most business owners, their business represents their most important asset. As such, it is crucial that the valuation of a business reflects its true value for the relevant purpose. A professional approach to valuation will provide you with an accurate assessment of your company’s worth and ensure that you receive the maximum value from your transaction or settlement.

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