Acing GMAT with Question Papers as Suitable Materials

GMAT, the short form for the Graduate Management Admission Test, is a necessary exam to be cleared to gain admission into a B-school. This computer-based exam is often considered the global standard for getting into several B-schools. Along with the GMAT score, admission committees in MBA colleges look at supporting materials for academic records and work experience. GMAT becomes an easy way to settle and work in a particular country, which many students desire.

How to Get a High Score?

Proper preparation is the key to getting a high score on the GMAT exam. Students must understand their strengths and weaknesses to work accordingly. Those who find GMAT practice questions and answers better understand the types of questions being asked over the years. Understanding the pattern helps know the level of difficulty each year. Reputable institutes offer these questions and answers online by enrolling with them. Practice is the key to scoring well; students can improve scores and speed through mock tests.

What Does GMAT Assess?

GMAT assesses the student’s ability to perform basic math and English grammar. Math includes problems related to algebra, geometry, and multi-source data processing. More crucially, it assesses the ability to read, analyze, and evaluate written information and the capability to solve issues through critical thinking. The real secret to a high GMAT score is knowing how to think critically and analyze data.

GMAT is regarded as pre-preparation for MBA since it uses the same analytical and critical thinking skills taught in the B-school. The GMAT paper is divided into four separate sections, namely:

  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Students can choose the order of these papers at the time of the GMAT exam. It is this order which helps save critical minutes during the exam.

Get the Best Preparation Tips

Once students start attempting mock tests after finishing their syllabi, they can understand their strengths and weaknesses. Institutes assist students in tweaking their strategies. Institute toppers also discuss the strategies that worked best for them from time to time.

Honesty, focus, and efforts are essential to make the best attempt. For greater efficiency, students need to work harder on their weak areas. While many feel that additional questions are necessary, toppers often regard the ones given in coursebooks as sufficient. But since the mind needs to be flexible after grasping concepts, the previous year’s question papers and answers are vital.

What are the GMAT Eligibility Criteria?

There is no minimum or maximum work experience criterion to be eligible here. Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized board or University. It is mandatory to be at least 18 years of age when giving the exams. If an applicant receives 800 points, it becomes compulsory to wait five years before retaking it.

Students between the ages of 13 to 18 years can also sit for the exam. To be eligible, they must carry signed permission letters from their parents or guardians.

Forecasting Paper Pattern and Questions

Students might predict the question paper pattern with extensive preparation and a close examination of job aptitude test questions. Inputs help this from instructors at the classes, who are well-versed with student performances over the years. Papers from previous years contain questions from a variety of exam organizations. Papers in PDF format can be found on the most credible websites.

Reputable institutes also conduct mock exams. These examinations are design to be as close to the actual exam as possible, enabling students to prepare as thoroughly as possible.

Free Trials

All reputable institutes offering GMAT coaching offer free trial classes. It enables the kids to understand the experience and quality of coaching on offer. By speaking to parents, students can see how good the classes are, vis-a-vis the fees. The trial duration is likely to differ among institutes.

Here’s a look at a common situation. Although familiar with multiple choice questions that are seen in math, students rarely approach them effectively. This is because to pass these questions, reading carefully is just as critical as the necessary understanding in the tested area which could be algebra, trigonometry, or others. Students must take advantage of every suggestion, and adopt the best strategy.

Get Text and Video Explanations

Students benefit from both text and video explanations of the questions in today’s times. As is the case with content in general, children are also able to grasp concepts faster through videos. Keeping them engaged for a reasonable duration is the greatest challenge in today’s times. With more and more classes being held online, video and text are only the natural techniques for GMAT-base studies.

Test preparation must be start at least six months before the exam, for the classes to be effective. Every section must be review once at the bare minimum before sitting in the exam.



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