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Animals have been treated very cruelly in the past and are being treated the same way currently. They have been abused, misused, and treated like objects. Mostly every scientific research is based on animal testing. They are approved once scientists get favorable results after animal tests.

The registration of a single pesticide requires more than 50 experiments. Almost 12,000 animals are used in those experiments according to the Humane Society.

Also, animals are agonized and tortured for several years as well for certain experiments. Subjects are given a substance every day for almost 2 years for the testing of potential carcinogens. Many other tests involve killing pregnant animals to test their fetuses.

Apart from using animals as test subjects, animals are mistreated in many other aspects. Some games and competitions require animals to fight against each other. These tournaments are mostly held on large levels. Animals are forced to fight against each other which depicts a wrestling match.

WPC2026 is one similar competition that involves gambling on roosters and making them fight against each other. The purpose of this competition is to provide enjoyment to viewers through cock fighting tournaments. Additionally, through this tournament, people can win money and other prizes that motivate them to be a part of it.

Let’s talk in greater depth about WPC2026 Live. We will also shed some light regarding the ethicality of this tournament.

What Is WPC2026 All About?

wpc2026 live


WPC2026 is an online website that hosts cock fighting tournaments. The portal is based in the Philippines and mostly all cock fighting tournaments are held there. There are certain rules associated with the tournament and all of the participants should comply with them.

This website is approved through PAGCOR and there is guaranteed safety for all of the contestants of the tournament by the government. PAGCOR stands for Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation which is a government-controlled and owned corporation.

It was established through the Presidential Decree in 1869. PAGCOR is the largest contributor to the Philippine government revenue. The rooster fighting competitions are quite popular in the Philippines and a substantial amount of revenue is generated from it.

The Philippine government openly allows such tournaments and fully supports them despite the cruelty inflicted on animals through it. Any person who is over 21 years of age can register for this tournament through the website.

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How Does WPC2026 Work?

The tournament consists of contestants who bring their trained roosters for the fight. Note that enrolling a rooster for the program requires compliance with certain criteria and guidelines. After successfully obliging to all of the laws and policies, the respective rooster is enrolled for the fight.

The roosters are specially trained by their owners and are equipped with metal armor before the fight.

The winner of these tournaments is awarded certain points and is promoted to the next round. The winner of the grand finale is rewarded prizes and other monetary benefits.

There is also another way of participating in the tournament and making some bucks. Just like horse racing, where bettors put an amount of money on the table with other contestants for a particular horse. These tournaments also feature money wagering on the roosters. Viewers of the show can put money off the rooster which they think will win. The winning party gets the money as a prize.

WPC2026 Login and Enrollment Procedure

wpc2026 live


To be a part of this competition, firstly you need to log in to the website. To successfully log in and start playing in the tournament, follow the below steps.

  1. Make sure you have a secured internet connection. Making use of a VPN is preferred.
  2. Visit the WPC2026 website by typing the name of the website on any search engine (preferably Google). You may also directly type in the website name in the URL field.
  3. After entering the website, you will see a login form displayed on the homepage.
  4. You will be required to provide your login credentials to successfully log in.
  5. After writing your username and password, click on “sign in to your account” to successfully sign in.
  6. You will be logged in successfully and will be redirected to the WPC2026 Live Dashboard.

If you don’t already have an account on WPC2026. Click on the “contact us” option to contact the management team via WhatsApp or Viber.

After you log in, you can choose to view all the upcoming events and tournaments that are being held on the platform. As a member, you also have the option of participating in live matches through the portal and betting money online.

Why Is WPC2026 Immoral And Ethical?

Animals are the creations of God just like us. As humans have basic rights to live, animals have them as well.

These tournaments are openly breaking these moral laws and are treating animals as objects. People tend to forget that animals also have feelings and they do get hurt by pain. The morality of an able-minded being would never accept such practices to be in the domain of animal wellbeing. These tournaments are openly conducted in the Philippines and even in other parts of the world.

Even basic human ethics forbid such acts of torturing animals. In these fights, the loser is the rooster who gets brutally killed by the other rooster. The winning animal also gets severely injured during the fight, making these fights pure acts of animal abuse.

People shouldn’t forget that the Earth is the living place for many other living beings apart from us. We are just a minority in front of the billions of animals that exist. As humans with reasoning power, we should understand these things.


Global Blogging does not endorse competitions like WPC2026. We believe these tournaments to be unethical and pure acts of animal cruelty.

This blog post is written for informational purposes and even to spread awareness regarding such competitions.

Feel free to comment down below your views and recommendations on how can we stop such evil practices.

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