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Why Foreigners Prefer When Investment in Turkey Real Estate

In this article, we will discuss the most important observations of interviewees regarding. Ownership and satisfaction with the investment process in Turkey. The study look at the real estate investment ledger of hundreds of foreign investors. From 48 countries around the world who bought homes in 12 Turkish cities. This survey covers investor appreciation for Investment in Turkey Real Estate. As well as the criteria and preferences that many foreigners pay attention to when buying real estate from Turkey.

Table of Content

  • Foreign investors: Thank you for Investment in Turkey Real Estate.
  • Would you like to buy another apartment in Turkey?
  • Standards and preferences of foreigners in purchasing real estate
  • Why do foreign investors like Turkish real estate?
  • What difficulties do foreign investors face when Investment in Turkey Real Estate?
  • What are the most important features and terms Turkey knows for foreigners?

Foreign investors: Thank you for Investment in Turkey Real Estate.

According to the information in the cited report All investors survey are delight. And grateful for their purchase of real estate in Turkey. According to reports, foreigners are grateful for their Investment in Turkey Real Estate: 83.2%.

This ratio depends on the foreign investor’s nationality. Algerian investors rank 95.8% of the most grateful foreigners buying property in Turkey. It is follow by Russians who are second most grateful at 92.6%, Germans who are second in the rankings. At 92% and foreigners who are most grateful for real estate investments in Turkey.

Sajid Ali, President of the KingClap (Real Estate Investment in Turkey)

Comment on the results of the survey of foreign real estate investors’ satisfaction and appreciation. “83.2% of people are very grateful for their Investment in Turkey Real Estate. And 70.2% want to buy back Turkish real estate. This is the right strategy to promote the international market. The quality of King Clap is consistent with the intentions and aspirations of investors. Complex services and health systems and cultural environments adapt to different cultures play a key role in growing demand. There is no doubt that foreign investors invest in Turkish real estate.”

Would you like to buy another apartment in Turkey?

“Do you plan to buy another house in Turkey in the near future?” The respondent to this question is “yes” depending on the state. Divide into ” Jordan is rank first with 72.4%, Algeria 66.7% and Iraq third with 51.4%.

Standards and preferences of foreigners in purchasing real estate

From the same survey Real estate prices are the number one factor influencing the process. With 63.4% of investors survey being the top priority. Real estate ranks second, with 58.3% of investors being the top priority and 36% of investors being in perspective. Below is a ranking of the five most influential factors in property acquisition.

Read more about Real Estate investment in Turkey to find out more. And see your own offers for owning an apartment in Istanbul.

As for the classification of foreigners survey on the criteria Clathat influence their property purchase decision. 83% of Britons gave it away, 62% of Jordanians like the location of the property. And 61.5% of the Saudis prefer the style of the property, 75.7% of the residents. Iraq, 68% of Germans, 54.2% of Algerians, 61.5% of Iranians and 51.9% of Russians. Prioritize real estate prices, both location and price.

Commenting on these numbers, Sajid Ali said: “Real estate prices are very important for most countries. But it can’t be conclude. After the competition in the Investment in Turkey Real Estate. He told his global partners: Turkey will have a huge effect on character improvement. 77.8% of Russians and 84% of Germans prefer Turkey because of the weather. 50% of Algerians because of its religious, social and cultural nature. And 66.7% of Britons occupy Turkey. I think it’s a solid residential area.

Why do foreign investors like Turkish real estate?

Base on the data in the report above, 53.2% of foreign. Investors survey said weather was the best factor for Turkey.

Forty-eight percent of investors survey rate culture, social structure and religious tolerance second-class. Safe and sustainable living 39.8% ranks third. Fourth, Turkey is the best choice for an acceptable vacation. According to a survey of 34.9% of respondents, 30.7% of those survey. The survey was rank 5th with a focus on hospitality.

Answering the question: “Why do you like turkeys?” 71.8% of Saudis reply: “The weather is better than any other country”. And 70.3% of Iraqis are safe and stable to live in. More than 55.2% of Jordanians and 53.8% of Jordanians. Iranians say they are “Better than the country I live in” of. For more information Investment in Turkey Real Estate recommend reading. This article on investing in Turkey: the most important features and sections.

What difficulties do foreign investors face when investment in Turkey real estate?

When ask about the problems real estate investors face after purchasing real estate in Turkey. She was rate at 77.4% for “Project not delivering on time”, follow by “Misunderstanding” at 36.6%. Answers for “Property Management Issues” 30.1% and 16.1% for water, electricity, and gas and 14% is Turkish citizenship

What are the most important features and terms Turkey knows for foreigners?

To answer questions about the impression of foreign Investment in Turkey Real Estate First. Describe it as Turkey is consider a “beautiful country”, with 49% of respondents regard Turkey as a beautiful country. In this survey, “Islam” was second only to 28.2% of investors. Other features appear: 6.1% of participants, culture, religion, work and investment. A good vacation and travel is one of the few answers. “Turkey History”

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