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Why Does My Pooch’s Paws Smell Bad?

Puppy owners might have noticed a particular smell in the air after their canine pet licks its paws, a scent much similar to that of corn chips.

The strange smell emanating from your poochie’s paws is due to bacteria called “Proteus” and “Pseudomonas”. These bacteria can emit a yeasty odor, making you run for fresh air. Smelly feet is a common problem in canine fur babies; however, if they start smelling very bad, there is a problem.

If smelly feet is accompanied by redness, discharge, and infections, your furry pet might require medical help. It could be that a paw injury has become infected and causes your pupper much pain and discomfort.

Meet your vet asap and consider being prepared with dog insurance NZ to handle unanticipated pet health situations like this more effectively. Dog insurance allows you to provide your canine pet with timely medical care during distressing health circumstances with little economic hassle, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn other reasons for your pupper’s paws to smell like corn chips.

#1 Pet owners are no strangers to odd aromas that their fur companion’s paws give out. Although the corn chip smell can be concerning for owners, there is little to worry about with the puppy’s health because the bacteria thriving on a pet’s paws are usually not harmful but can emit a foul odor.

#2 Sweat is another common cause of foot odor. Puppies don’t sweat like humans do to regulate body temperature. Instead, they start panting and sweating through their paw pads to release heat. Sometimes, the sweat accumulates in the fur between the toes and begins to develop a nauseating smell.

You should regularly trim the hair between fur and clean them up often to reduce foul odor. Thoroughly clean your furry little one’s paws using warm water and puppy-safe shampoo to get rid of any poop your pup might have walked on.

Canine pets are highly sensitive to smell. These curious babies can sniff out things with strong odors, try eating, biting, and spreading them, roll in them, and do many more icky things. Although it can be challenging to curb this dog behavior, you can do some things to keep their furry feet clean and less smelly at least.

This way, your fur companion’s feet may not smell as bad as the farts coming out of its butt. However, it is wise not to ignore odd smells emanating from your pet’s body. It could be a sign that your pet needs grooming or is suffering from a bacterial, fungal, or any other type of infection. Meet your vet for testing and treatment should you suspect an illness.

Simultaneously consider being prepared with dog insurance in NZ so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable. Dog insurance makes providing top-notch medical care possible during dire health circumstances and medical emergencies with minor financial trouble, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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