What’s the closest thing to the Limitless tablet?

The movie Limitless in Hollywood explored the possibility of increasing cognitive abilities by using medication. The idea of a pill that could increase intelligence and enhance cognitive abilities such as attention span and motivation is appealing. Is it possible to find such a pill in real life? However, the movie’s fictional pill has not been made a reality. However, certain medications are available to increase the qualities mentioned above.

What are nootropics exactly?

Nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers, can either be found naturally or be manufacture synthetically. They can also be combine. Waklert is used to treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy (ADHD), shift work insomnia disorder (SWSD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Nootropics can also improve cognitive functions like memory and concentration. Avoiding consultation with a doctor before taking these medications is advisable as they could have negative side effects and even cause psychosis. They will not improve intelligence or solve all of your problems instantly, like in the movies.

What are the benefits nootropics have?

Nootropics are most responsible for altering brain functions, as we have already mentioned. Nootropics are say to enhance cognitive functions as well as analytical decision-making and problem-solving abilities. Manufacturers claim that decision-making skills are also enhance. Students who want to retain more information may find nootropics beneficial. This kind of medication is also say to increase the ability of students to retain more information.

Artvigil a nootropic, is used to treat sleep disorders. For people with more demanding professions and obligations, nootropics may be a viable option. Cognitive enhancers aren’t intend to keep you awake for long amounts of time or to make you feel euphoric. Other stimulants aren’t the same as nootropics. They help you stay awake and alert during your waking hours. It assist in avoiding distractions.These devices allow you to work for hours, uninterrupted and without feeling sleepy.

Are there any nootropics that work?

Human cognitive processes are still poorly understood. This is especially true when it involves manipulating the brain to produce specific results. Nootropics’ success could also be due to a placebo effect. In this case, belief in the effectiveness of the medicine can lead to better results. People who believe that they will be more focused due to the medicine could find themselves concentrating better at work because of this belief. It is not possible for a person to be a superhero just by taking a pill.

A balanced diet, enough sleep, and healthy stress management are all ways to improve cognitive function. Nootropics are also tout to have many additional benefits. Age and other factors will continue to impact brain function and cognitive abilities. These natural processes are very dependent on lifestyle changes. However, nootropics can provide an additional benefit to a person’s overall mental abilities. Some side effects have been reporte, including increase blood pressure, heart palpitations, and impulsivity.

Possible limitations

Many attempts have been make over the years to find a cognitive boost that doesn’t cause any harm to the body or mind. Negligible side effects or toxic side effects are common for medications that improve intelligence and mental abilities. It isn’t easy because the human brain is complex. Certain ingredients may improve brain function. The way to combine the effects is still unclear. This combination of compounds is still being investigate and studied.


These medications may not be suitable for people who have mental health problems or are prone to substance abuse. Consult professionals before taking the medication. The brain responds to both external and internal factors and can change. This gives us new opportunities to improve our understanding of the brain. Even psychotherapy has caused structural brain changes. Therefore, positive cognitive changes can be expect from future medications.

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