What types of gas grills are there?

A gas grill is a grill that runs on a gas bottle or gas cartridge. It is equipped with one or more burners, whose gas flow can often be infinitely regulated. Meat and other grilled food are cooked on the grill grate over the gas flames. In addition,braun thermoscan 5 vs 7 gas grills are often equipped with a side cooker on which side dishes and other foods can be cooked in a pan or pot. Often there is also a rear burner that is recessed into the back wall of the grille. It does not work with an open gas flame, but with infrared rays and serves to evenly rinse meat dishes on the rotisserie skewer.

What types of gas grillsĀ 

Gas grills are usually mobile and can be set up, for example, on the terrace or balcony. In conjunction with an outdoor kitchen, there are also permanently installed gas grills for the terrace. Gas grills are mainly available in three types:

Grill trolley

Table grills

Kettle grills

Very widespread are gas grill carts. They consist of a rectangular gas grill on a base equipped with two or four wheels. Due to the rollers, the gas grill, which usually weighs between 25 and 50 kilograms, is easily movable and can be moved without effort, for example, from its storage location to the terrace and back. Gas grill trolleys are usually equipped with a fixed lid and side shelves. Often, they also have a base cabinet in which the gas bottle and other utensils can be accommodated. The side shelves can be folded away on many gas grills to allow space-saving storage. Gas grill trolleys are particularly suitable for use on large balconies or on the terrace.

A table grill with gas has far fewer space requirements. It does not have a large substructure, but only a small frame. The table grill usually has a round shape and a weight of about 10 to 15 kilograms. On the sides, it is often equipped with large handles and is therefore easy to transport. The table grill can be used, for example, as a camping grill or taken on a fishing trip. In addition, a table grill is well suited for small balconies where there is no space for a large grill cart. It is equipped with a lid and, depending on the size, offers space for the grilled food of two to four people.

Kettle grills are very popular as charcoal grills, as they offer the possibility of indirect grilling. In the design, they are also offered as gas grills, but gas grill trolleys and guest grills also offer the possibility of indirect grilling. Gas ball grills are often a space-saving alternative to large grill carts.

How does a gas grill work?

Tips & Hints gas grill is equipped with one or more main burners. Up to six main burners can be installed in the grill. The burners are usually made of stainless steel but can also be made of ceramic burners or cast iron. The burners are connected to a gas cylinder via a hose. Most gas grills operate at an operating pressure of 50 millibars so a pressure reducer must also be installed. The gas is directed to the burners via the hose. The burners can be controlled individually by rotary knobs and are usually infinitely variable. A gas grill with more than one main burner makes it possible to cook different foods in different temperature zones.

Almost all gas grills are equipped with a lid. Often a thermometer is built into the lid, on some models, the lids have large viewing windows. The lid allows indirect grilling so that even larger pieces of meat can be cooked.

Like charcoal grills, cooking thermometers are equipped with a grill grate on which the food is cooked. Some models offer the possibility to use other uses instead of the grill grate, such as a Dutch Oven, or use a pizza stone to be able to use the gas grill even more versatile. Under the gas burners, there is often a grease collection tray, which is filled with water and can be pulled out. It is intended to facilitate the cleaning of the grill.

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