Ways in Which Jewelry Enhances our Life

There is an ongoing joke about women having a disease called jewelry. This article argues that jewelry is a REMEDY to most of our problems. Somehow anything that is to do with increasing possessions and spending is considered a disease. This portrays spending or shopping in a negative light. However, not many understand the therapeutic properties of buying fine jewelry. Jewelry is the antidote, not the disease. There are many ways in which jewelry contributes to making us better humans.

Jewelry has the power to heal and connect, it makes us feel empowered, loved, and connected. Physical objects such as jewelry have the power to transplant us and remind us of our inner contentment and love for ourselves. Jewelry is a reminder of people and memories. Here are a few ways in which jewelry enhances your life-

 Jewelry Transports Us to Other Memories

People buy high-end Jewelry in NYC for special occasions and mark essential days that later conjure up memories of an experience you’ve lived together. A gift is a reminder of the giver. Every time women wear jewelry given to them by someone they love or even see it, among other things they own, they are remind of the giver and cherish it a little more. They are remind of the moment they receive the piece, what was said, and the emotions it evoke. All the love and emotion are condensed to fit into that small piece of jewelry, and every time women see their jewelry, it comes back. Jewelry doesn’t replace love, but it is a strong physical reminder of the connection you share with another person. That love is then reciprocate, and the love only grows.

Jewelry serves as a connection between two people

Matching couple jewelry is not just limited to wedding rings anymore. They are the prime example of how jewelry connects to love and support. It serves as a reminder of love and the bond that two people share. Or perhaps it serves as a connection to an organization or a community. Some families have a tradition of wearing similar jewelry on the body to remind them of the family connections and love that will always be there no matter what. Every day when that jewelry is looked at or fiddled with, they remind of the support they have received from their loved ones. It is surprising how a tiny piece of gold or other metal commands so much love and support a number of times in a single day. With the support that jewelry signifies, we feel more confident to take risks that improve our lives.

Feeling Renewed and Desirable

Most women you know will have some form of self-image issues. They might consider themselves fat, unappealing, or outright ugly despite that not being the case. Jewelry, however, has the power to make women feel beautiful again, both inside and out. There are, of course, other methods to improve self-image; however, being doll up on the outside can do wonders for how they feel on the inside. It is a fake it till you make it a philosophy that jewelry embodies as it is a little something that gives people immense confidence to reconnect with their inner badass. Once people feel good and confident about themselves, they channel it to others around them, making everyone feel better. A piece of attractive jewelry prevents bad days from making us feel unattractive. By adding a little bling to their attire, people feel sexy and beautiful.

Jewelry as a Symbol of Reward and Empowerment

Trophies need not always be golden statues to put up on the shelves. Jewelry can be given to recognize someone’s achievements and remind them how powerful their strength, determination, and tenacity are. After all, military awards are pins and medallions, which are a form of jewelry itself. Even Olympians are present with a medal around their neck, similar to the idea of a pendant. Similarly, other jewelry can also symbolize rewards for a job well done or to mark a personal achievement. It acts as an encouraging factor to the wearer and serves as a reminder of the good things they do for their families and communities. They are an excellent gift for accomplishments like graduation, promotions, or achievements on a more personal level, which remind us regularly to feel pride in our abilities. These pieces of jewelry remind people to do better and achieve success to the fullest abilities. Jewelry makes people feel strong and able, due to which they challenge themselves to do more and better for the community they belong to.

Jewelry Brings Ancestors to Life

Family heirlooms are a great reminder of the principles and values people share. Each time a piece of jewelry is pass down from one generation to the next, it carries with it stories and emotions that connect them to their ancestors. High-end jewelry is usually kept as an inheritance in order to honor the past. It can also be redesign to make it look modern and suitable for your style. Being connect to the past makes it easier for us to face the future.

There are many other ways through which jewelry makes the life of the wearer better. Do not hesitate to add a few more pieces of fine jewelry to your collection as a reminder of all the good things mentioned above.


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