Tutoring Website: A Learning Platforms For Kids

The learning management platforms providing online education often represent their offers through a well-designed and informative website. The students and parents seeking tutorial assistance on different topics found these websites quite useful as they provide help in learning topics simply and cost-effectively.  The websites act as online tutors for students by providing them guidance on understanding the concepts related to various topics.

The tutoring websites are meant for students and professionals who need tuition on relevant topics but can’t afford to attend regular classes. The websites feature the key benefits of tutorial programs thus making students more interested to join. People prefer the tutoring website that provides the best solutions for their requirements by giving access to quality tutorial services. 

Linear Graph: A Method to Represent Relationship Between Two Or More Variable Quantities In Graphical Form

In mathematics, we can represent the relationship between two or more variable quantities in graphical form. If the relationship between two quantities is represented by a straight line graph then the graph is called a linear graph. Here the term ‘linear’ indicates a straight line.

Equation For a Linear Graph

The relationship between two variables is represented by the equation of linear graph which is in the form of y = mx + b where x and y are variables while m and b are real numbers.

For example, y =5x +12 is an equation of a linear graph.

If we take different values of x, we will get values of y corresponding to the value of x. These values of x and y are plotted on graph paper as per the x-y coordinate to get many points. These points when joined together, we get a straight line.

The Cuemath website discusses in detail the concept of a linear graph.

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The Different Modes of Tutoring 

The focus of the tutoring website is to build a learning environment that helps to gather thorough knowledge and conceptual clarity on related subjects. The website provides the users easy access to the learning platform and gets the necessary guidance on learning different topics by students of different age groups. Different websites give facilities for online interactive sessions between teachers and students to make the learning more effective. The tutoring website provides customized programs for students considering their learning needs. The websites also help in practising assignments through simple and easy-to-use techniques that build confidence among students. The teachers in online sessions focus on individualized attention and the application of innovative techniques to make the learning more interesting. Cuemath has a well-known tutoring website that highlights the various tutorial programs that are proven to be highly beneficial for students of different grades.

 How to Draw a Linear Graph?

The stepwise process of drawing a linear graph is as follows:

  1. Identify the variable quantities as x and y.
  2. Take a value of x and find the value of y by solving the equation.
  3. Take at least three pairs of values (x, y) that satisfy the equation.
  4. Note these values in tabular form.
  5. Plot the points on graph paper according to the x and y coordinates.
  6. Join the points to get a linear graph which is a straight line.

 Application of Linear Graph

The linear graph can be used to find the values of one variable corresponding to the values of the other variable because each point on this linear graph satisfies the given equation. The coordinates of any point on the graph give the value of y for any value of x. So by taking any given value of x, we can determine the value of y that satisfies the equation.

To plot a linear graph, a minimum of three points are required because any two points can be joined to form a straight line but the third point determines whether the given equation represents a straight line.

 The Cuemath website discusses in detail the concept of a linear graph.

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