Tuko App Suggest Food Items Should Never Order for Delivery

Tuko Food Delivery App – Food Items That You Should Never Order for Delivery

While you may be tempted to order whatever your heart desires, you should still make the best decisions possible.

There are plenty of delicious foods to order, as well as enough to avoid at all costs. You want to be sure you’re eating something delicious, right? Tuko App suggest you to go through the list of things that you should never, ever order for delivery.

Egg items

Some mornings, all you want is a hot cup of coffee and a delectable dish of sunny side up or poached eggs delivered to your door. However, this may not be the greatest option.

You forget how horrible eggs smell when they’re not fresh while ordering, and cold eggs don’t taste nearly as wonderful as you’d hope.


Yes, they are all soggy when they arrive.

The popular snack is delicious, but it has the potential to become unhealthy quickly when massive amounts of toppings such as high-fat sour cream, salty cheddar, and guacamole are piled on top of the bed of deep-fried chips. A high-fat diet has also been linked to the development of obesity and the risk of chronic disease.

Instead, get chips with restaurant-made salsa or pico de gallo and guacamole, or ask for fresh vegetables to dip like peppers, carrots, and radishes from the restaurant you’re ordering takeout from.


You might think you’re saving money by getting a takeaway salad instead of some of the other high-sodium, high-sugar options, but once you start adding mix-ins and sauces, what was supposed to be a low-calorie lunch becomes a high-calorie meal. High-calorie diets have been related to an increased risk of obesity, especially when combined with no exercise.


On a cold winter night, there’s nothing more appealing than a warm cup of soup. You’ll be considerably better off if you can heat your own at home. Soups should not be ordered in because of the high temperature and consistency of the soup. Which makes it a great candidate for chemical leeching from food containers. Because most restaurants do not utilize BPA-free or environmentally friendly goods, it is critical to evaluate the food and food container.

 Instead, we recommend making a nice pot of soup at home.

Anything fried food

They’re probably fried in low-quality, genetically engineered oil, which clogs our pores, causes a variety of skin problems, and can make us feel lethargic for days.

If that isn’t enough to put you off, remember that fried dishes are notorious for being wet and disgusting. Unless they’re cooked in high-quality oils like extra virgin coconut oil, tiger nut oil, non-GMO canola oil, or olive oil, they’re the ultimate fat trap.

Herbal tea

When ordered as takeout, herbal teas cost $2-4, which is absurdly costly. Especially considering that we can buy a whole box of tea for a few dollars. When all we’re purchasing is a 10-cent teabag plus some hot water—and it better be beautiful clean filtered water at that price—the profit margin on selling tea is incredibly large.


They tend to be very heavy in sugar and often have extra sweeteners like honey or agave. Forget about the fact that your smoothie can and will melt in transportation; commercial smoothies are not the healthy option they want you to believe.

You’re better off preparing your own, minimizing the fruit and, if feasible, including some vegetables. We’re not sure why you’d ever order a smoothie if you have a blender; you can prepare any of these best-ever smoothies at the touch of a button.

Brief About Tuko London Super App

Tuko Super App provides On-Demand Food Delivery Services to inhabitants of London, Edinburgh, and the United Kingdom, allowing them to travel comfortably and at their leisure.

This All-in-One Super App is gaining a lot of traction because it provides the benefits listed above to people. Who are serious about reducing weight in a healthier way.

Tuko also provides food delivery, wine delivery, and On-Demand Services. Which include a variety of handyman services, in addition to grocery delivery. Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kiambu, Kenya, and Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica are among the other cities where the app is available.

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