Tips To Protect Yourself From UPI Payment Scam

While digital transactions are rushing the country towards a 100% cashless economy, it is equally crucial to stay vigilant of payment scams. UPI payment gateway is the foundation stone of a digital economy, as it has become the most preferred payment method in recent times. All one needs to authorise a transaction is a 4-digit PIN, and the payment is complete within seconds. However, something so extraordinary also comes with its share of risk and liabilities. That’s what we are going to discuss here.

So, how should we deal with the UPI payment scam? What’s the best way to stay safe from tricksters online? Let’s begin!

Use a Secure UPI App

A user needs a UPI app on their smartphone to carry out UPI transactions. Therefore, it’s essential to use an app with advanced security features to keep users’ information safe and confidential. A reliable app from a trusted manufacturer keeps its users’ data protected. Not only this, but they also reward their users with lucrative deals and cashbacks.

Never Engage with Strangers

As obvious as it sounds, not engaging with strangers is the best way to stay protected against fraudsters. Payment gateways never call their customers to discuss their sensitive information. Any phone call asking for such details is a red flag there.

Take Precaution While Requesting Money or Accepting Requests

Many payment apps have a ‘request money’ feature using which users can request or send money from each other. Although it is a helpful feature for users, fraudsters exploit it for malicious purposes. They send a money request to users asking for money. A simple careless click can cost a lot. Remember, receiving and sending money through this feature does not require a PIN.

Give Attention to Spam Warnings

Vigilant UPI Payment apps usually give spam warnings to users when they receive requests from unknown accounts. It’s crucial to keep an eye on such warnings by reading them carefully. If it seems to be a suspicious account, make an extra effort to report it as spam.

Develop Security Habits

Users should never reveal their PIN to anyone, especially strangers, in any situation. Protect online payment platforms on smartphones and laptops using passwords or biometric recognition software. By doing this, fraudsters cannot misuse the account if they access the device. Install anti-virus software to keep malicious activities at bay.

Never Open Unknown Emails 

Fraudsters commonly use emails to trick users into downloading malware. Once users do that, they obtain their sensitive information and use it for a scam. Therefore, always open unknown emails after scanning for malware and viruses. 

Do Not Connect with Open Wi-Fi While Using the UPI App

Connecting with open Wi-Fi invites suspicious activities. It gives hackers a chance to access devices in the network and steal critical information. Therefore, it’s good to connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection only. If it’s not available, use mobile data to connect to the web instead of using an open Wi-Fi.

Keep a Check on UPI Account Activities

Once a month, it’s important to sift through all account activities and check for suspicious behaviour. It’s common not to keep track and miss a few red flags. Alert the bank or UPI payment gateway right away in case of an unusual pattern.

Monitor All App Messages

Read each message from the UPI app carefully. There are differences between PIN, OTP, and password. Understand them and examine the messages for any inconsistencies. Monitor all UPI-related messages to stay aware of each transaction from and to the bank account.

Avoid Using Malicious UPI Apps

App stores have several fake UPI apps that solely aim at cheating people and stealing their money. These apps often look very similar to an authentic UPI app in terms of their design, logo, and layout. 

When users download it on their smartphones, they give the necessary permissions and allow access to the sensitive information saved on their devices. Once done that, the app starts stealing and sending data to fraudsters who find ways to steal money from the user’s UPI account. 

While no UPI payment gateway is 100% foolproof, being wary of fraudsters using the tips mentioned above is the best way to stay safe. In any case, contact the UPI app’s customer care immediately when it seems something’s wrong.

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