Thinking Of Higher Studies? Think Canada.

Canada is one of the most cherished and sought-after countries where millions of students and migrants move in search of education and work opportunities. Therefore, if you are still unsure about Canada as a study destination for you but are seeking a study visa for Canada or a study permit extension for Canada, read on to know the reasons why.

1. Exceptional Standard of Education

The Canadian education system is top-notch and world-class. A degree earned from a Canadian university is valued all over the world. There is cross-disciplinary education, with exposure to technological knowledge, use of digital media, and well-equipped classrooms. 

The Canadian education system also values the development of practical skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership which prepare the students for the competitive professional life. Some of the World’s top universities are located in Canada.

2. Research-Based Education

Canadian universities have a lot of focus on research-based programs. The education system emphasizes innovation, hands-on experience, and the spirit of experiment and discovery. This is the reason why a lot of research, discoveries, and innovation have come from Canadian universities. Such research-based education inspires forward and free-thinking along with competitiveness. 

3. Large Number of Scholarships and Bursaries

In Canada, both Government and the Universities provide scholarships and bursaries to help the students pursue their dreams of attaining higher education in Canada. Such scholarships are available both on a merit basis as well as specific programs also provide financial support, primarily in research-based programs. 

4. Affordable Cost of Studying and Living

Canada offers the advantage of studying and living in a developed country while attaining education at affordable costs. The tuition fee is among some of the lowest fees compared to other developed countries. The living expenses are also diverse and affordable- one can choose as per the requirements and budget. 

5. Work Opportunities While Studying

Canada gives the freedom to international students to work while studying. It is up to 20 hours per week during the semesters and full-time during the breaks. So, if you are a student with a study visa for Canada, you’ll have the opportunity to earn while they are learning. In addition, cities like Toronto, Ontario, etc., have substantial work opportunities available for international students. 

If you are a student thinking, “whether there is an overseas consultancy near me which can help find a country that offers work opportunities while studying,” you can reach out to Canadian education specialists like CroyezImmigration.

6. Vibrant, Scenic, Excellent Living Standards

Canada is a beautiful country with excellent outdoors. The Government is blessed with abundant, vast, scenic nature and wildlife. Besides nature, the Canadian cities are vibrant and equipped with the highest standards of infrastructure and living standards. As a result, some Canadian cities are among the top cities to live in on the basis of the quality of life, cost of living, stability, etc.

7. Safety for Students and Migrants

Canada is amongst the most peaceful countries in the world. As per Global Peace Index 2021, Canada is amongst the world’s top 10 most peaceful nations. Canadian universities also pay utmost attention to ensuring that their campuses are safe and international students feel secure. There are facilities like university shuttles, security escorts, and mobile apps. 

8. Multicultural and Multilingual Society

The multicultural and multilingual society in Canada is friendly and propagates a peaceful, positive, and mutually respecting way of living. Various customs, cultural practices, and traditions are valued, preserved, and respected by the Canadian people. English and French are the official languages. But being home to a large number of migrants, students get exposure to a number of languages. In such a society that is a mix of race, culture, and language, one can quickly feel at home, secure, and welcomed.

9. Easy Immigration Process

Getting a visa for higher studies in Canada is comparatively easy. The Canadian Government encourages and welcomes students from all over the world, and their immigration process is supportive too. Besides a study visa, a work visa is also given. There is an option to work for a couple of years after graduating from Canadian universities. After having worked for one year following graduation/completion of studies, a student also has the option to apply for PR or Permanent residency in Canada. 

In Conclusion

In view of the points mentioned above, if you are a student wondering whether an overseas consultancy near me could suggest a country you can move to, Canada would be the obvious choice. Given that it is easy to obtain a study visa for Canada, one shall sincerely explore the option of moving to Canada for higher education.

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