The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Pet

If you love traveling, then it’s only natural to want your pet to be a part of your adventures. But preparing for a trip with your dog or cat can be a bit trickier than packing for yourself.

Before you hit the road, make sure you have everything you need to keep your dog or cat safe and healthy. Here are eight things to pack when traveling with pets that will help you have a fun and stress-free vacation.

  • Pet Carrier
  • Pet Seat Cover
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Health Records/Proof of Vaccinations
  • Leash and ID Tags
  • Stainless Steel Food Canister
  • Medications/First-Aid Kit
  • Natural Pet Calming Spray

Checklist For Traveling With Your Furry Friend

Travelling with pets can be great fun! Although at times it requires careful planning and preparation, your efforts will be rewarded with the joy of having your best friend by your side on holiday.

Here are some things you need to take into consideration when preparing for a trip with your pet:


  • Make sure they have all their vaccinations and check they’re up to date.


  • Get them microchipped and make sure their collar includes contact details so you can be reached in an emergency.


  • Pack a travel kit that includes everything you will need during the trip – food, bowls, water, toys, bedding, tick removal devices and a first aid kit.


  • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.


  • Make sure they’re wearing a collar with an identity tag that contains contact details that can be used while you’re away.
    Adventure Tips


Check into local hotels and restaurants where pets are allowed before booking reservations so there will be no surprises when arriving at destination points along the way! Check with the hotel or facility to ensure that they are pet-friendly and ask about any restrictions (some hotels only accept pets under a certain weight). If you’re going to fly, find out whether your airline requires a health or vaccination certificate.

Safety Essentials

When packing for your pet, there are several safety essentials that should be on the top of your list. These items include:

  • Id tag
    A collar with an ID tag is great, but do your pet one better and get them microchipped. It’s a tiny device (about the size of a grain of rice) that’s inserted under the skin between their shoulders. Veterinarians can scan pets and match them to owners using their unique chip numbers. There are some microchip registration services who keep records of each number.
  • Collar & harness

    Your pet will need to have a collar with their name and your contact information. Your contact information should be the phone number where you can be reached while you are traveling.

    For cats and small dogs, a harness (attached to the carrier) can provide extra security during the flight. There are many different types of harnesses available for pets of all sizes — just make sure you choose one that is approved for air travel!
  • First Aid Kit

When you’re traveling with your pet, it’s best to be prepared for any kind of emergency. Here are some things you should carry with you at all times – Bandages, Hydrogen Peroxide, Splint and all health records of your pet.

  • Carriers For Safe Travel

    With the right pet carrier, you can bring your dog or cat along for the ride. The best pet carriers make it easy to travel with your four-legged friend. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, there are multiple types of pet carriers that will help keep your cat or dog safe and secure.

Health Checkup

Make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel. Before you plan a trip with your pet, your veterinarian should check them for any health issues that could make traveling difficult for them.

When it comes to traveling with a pet, you will need to make sure that you have packed everything that your furry friend needs so that he or she will be comfortable and safe. You will want to start planning as early as possible so that you can make sure that you have everything set up for him or her before leaving for your trip.

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